| 22 May 2024
We've been asking for non-interactive music streaming license: Red FM COO Nisha Narayanan

MUMBAI: In a couple of panel discussions we have always seen how Red FM COO Nisha Narayanan has highlighted all the essentials/issues, the current radio industry is facing and what needs to be added to its growth. At The Radio Festival which was held in New Delhi on 13 February, on the occasion of World Radio Day, there prevailed a platform which discussed several radio industry topics and issues faced. Red FM COO Nisha Narayanan was a part of one of the panel discussions. She had a few suggestions and was upfront in her thoughts.

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Firstly, she spoke on licensing pricing which needs attention and reasoned why they mostly have to focus on Bollywood music. Nisha brought to light, “Look at BBC or couple of platforms, which host a lot of radio stations. While All India Radio is also on Alexa, which is also a brilliant thing, we are not happy about not being there on that platform that reaches out to a much larger audienceOur biggest challenge is that we have been asking for non-interactive music streaming license, which again has exorbitant rights to play music on a digital platform. Other players have this interactive music rights also.”

“We have not been on the digital platform, which makes it a little debilitating and that’s a concern area. If only that opens up I am sure a lot of radio players would want to be there as well because ultimately content is still the king no matter what platform we are on, be it DTH or Alexa or FM,” she added.