| 18 Jun 2024
Why is the International Radio Festival a 'big deal' for Indian RJs?

MUMBAI: The Malta edition of International Radio Festival (IRF) is scheduled to be held from 29 October to 4 November 2018 in Valetta, Europe’s cultural capital for 2018. The one of its kind international podium that invites global radio stations as well as business heads, from the radio industry, is indeed, a doorway to stardom for global RJs. And when it comes to our Indian radio jocks, it would, indeed, be like the Oscar of radio industry as they would be showered with great perks, on being selected for this fest. Popular RJs like Red FM's RJ Malishka, RJ Siddharth from BIG FM and RJ Meenakshi from 94.3 MY FM, who have participated, earlier, in IRF, have tasted the benefits, post being a part of this revolution. 

The announcement of this year’s edition, has already created buzz among the country’s radio circuit and we are sure that every radio pad will be gearing up for it. Hence, we thought of getting to the core of, why IRF is really a ‘big deal' for Indian RJs. 

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Check out the article and know it yourself. And, for those RJs, who dream to participate in this gigantic festival, you got to note the below reasons, right away!

Represent India

An Indian RJ, who will get a chance to participate in the International Radio Festival, will be representing the country, on an international podium. They will, indeed, be the face of India at this radio galore, where RJs as well as business people, from the world of radio, will mark their presence.

Live performance 

IRF gives Indian RJs, a chance to perform their show live in front of a completely foreign audience and this, indeed, is a huge opportunity for Indian jocks. From showcasing a striking performance to keeping the audience glued, the RJs will also get a chance to handle international crowds and a chance to learn a different style of addressing masses. Thus, IRF will fulfill their dream of showcasing their mettle, in front of so many people, with just one challenge, to be spot on and cater to the changing moods of unfamiliar audiences.

Chance to learn a new software

A tour to the International Radio Festival also gives RJs a chance to learn as well as perform on a different radio set-up. The software used, there, is totally different from that used in India. Hence, the challenge of learning to operate and perform on a completely new software, live in front of an unfamiliar audience, is, indeed, an experience in itself for those lucky radio jockeys.

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Get featured on International radio shows

Another key benefit of getting a chance to attend IRF is that Indian RJs will also get a chance to feature in international radio shows. Besides, they will also get to visit local radio stations, situated at the place, where IRF will be held. This indeed is a chance to explore international radio stations, their content as well as its functioning.

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Cultural exchange and socializing opportunity

The International Radio Festival can be truly called, a once in a lifetime experience for Indian RJs. This is because, apart from performing, our radio jocks will also get an opportunity to meet as well as socialize with radio people and locals. The cultural exchange, as well as the chance to travel abroad without spending a penny, will, thus, add to their IRF experience.

A ‘Star’ in India

Though the radio industry in India is flourishing, very few RJs have garnered fame like that received by Bollywood stars and cricketers. But, on being selected for IRF, our RJs will, indeed, become celebs in India. Their fan base, as well as popularity in India, would, thus, elevate.