| 08 Feb 2023
Mumbai Univ's CR station Radio Must starts two new shows

MUMBAI: Mumbai University's community radio station, Radio Must has two new shows in its offering.

The station has started a show on HIV awareness three weeks back where people can call in and ask questions. Explains Station Head Pankaj Athavale, We have a counselor coming whom people can call in for their queries. The counselor will talk about other aspects such as prevention and precautions.... The show will be multi-lingual so as to attract listeners from all economic background.

The show hits the airwaves every Wednesday from five to six in the evening. The show has been fairly well received and we get a lot of intuitive callers,... says Athavale.

The other show will hit the airwaves from 25 July wherein people from the US consulate will answer queries related to US visa. Students who are interested in applying for US visa can call in to know more about the process and related questions.... The show will be broadcast every Saturday from five in the evening till six.

Says Athavale, We undertook a survey according to which women oriented shows are more popular. So we have pumped our content with few ladies special programmes. These are pre-recorded shows dealing with issues such as health, domestic violence, legal issues, career and even lighter programmes like cookery shows....

We are also planning to focus on shows based on legal matters. From consumer rights to domestic violence the show will cover the legal aspect of all such issues,... explains Pankaj about the content of the station.

Talking about the station's target audience, he says, Though students are the target audience of the station, but its listeners include people from other age groups as well. Our reach in Mumbai spreads from Goregaon to Matunga. We have listeners from outside the campus as well. Hence we try and air all genre of programs....

Speaking about the advertising on the station, he says, We have a train of students to do the marketing for the station. As of now, DTCL would be coming on board as one of the advertisers. Though the final deal is not signed. We are also looking forward to student based product advertisers as well....