| 21 May 2022
Half of licensed community radio stations are operational

NEW DELHI: Though the number of community radio stations licensed in the country went up to 100 by March 2010, the number of stations actually operational stands at just 57.

The number of licensees in December 2009 had been 88 and operational stations were 50.

The total number of applications received by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry for Community licenses has been 659, and Letters of Intent have been issued to 219 while 87 applications were rejected.

Apparently waiting for the Phase III scheme of the government, no new FM radio station was launched and the number of private FM remains at 248.

A total of 31 FM radio service providers have reported revenues amounting to Rs 2.1087 billion from advertisements coming out of 231 radio stations. In the previous quarter, Rs. 1.7331 billion was reported as ad revenue by 32 FM service providers in respect of 188 radio stations.