| 30 Mar 2023
AIR to broadcast live the Indo-Spanish Davis Cup tie

NEW DELHI: All India Radio is telecasting the three-day World Cup play of the tie between India and Spain in New Delhi.

The commentary will be alternatively in Hindi and English. All mulli-channel AIR stations will relay the live comrnentary on one of their Primary Channels. Other interested AIR Stations may also relay the same provided the commentary is broadcast in full without interruption and pre-committed cornrrercials.

The matches begin today from 4.55 pm to 10 pm or till end of the game.

The broadcast tomorrow will be from 6.55 pm to midnight or till the end of the game.

On 18 September, the commentary will be from 6.55 pm to 10 pm or till the end of the game.

The commentators include Dileep Shivpuri, Zonal Grade, Non-official Comnrentator from Jaipur; Raunak Kapoor, National Grade, Non-official Comrnentator from Mumbai; and Lt. Gen. (Rtd.) Utpal Bhattacharya, Zonal Grade, Non-official Commentator frorn Delhi.