| 18 Jun 2024
ISRA miffed with BCCI for denying royalties to singers

MUMBAI: Not long ago the Indian Performing Rights Society Ltd (IPRS) sent a legal notice to the India Premier League (IPL) and the BCCI for allegedly failing to get a licence for the use of music during the opening ceremony, which was held in Kolkata. Now the BCCI has snubbed Indian Singer’s Rights Association (ISRA) by denying royalties to the singers.  

A statement issued by ISRA revealed that the society "sought the Singer's Royalty from BCCI for the IPL 2014 Season. But the BCCI got away without even responding to the ISRA Claim. This year the ISRA again started correspondence with BCCI in March 2015, but again to no avail."

Chennai Super Kings is the only team to adhere to the law and pay royalties. "Law is the same for all. I am fully with ISRA in this endeavour and hope all law abiding Indians will respect singers and pay their Royalties to ISRA," said Sonu Nigam, one of the ISRA’s key members, in a statement.

ISRA MD Sanjay Tandon said, "It is indeed shocking to experience such a callous, ignoring and carefree attitude of BCCI, which is so careful about its own IPRs. We have given them enough time but in spite of this and regular follow ups and full explanation, BCCI decides not to respect and pay the singers their Performer Rights Royalties."

ISRA became the first Copyright/Performer Right Society to be registered by the Government of India in June 2013 vide Certificate No. 123344 dated June 2013.