| 18 Jan 2022
UK based PPL announces three candidates for two positions of elected performer director

MUMBAI: It was announced that there will be three candidates, namely Crispin Hunt, Mark Kelly, and Jon Webster, who are standing for elections for two positions of elected performer director at the PPL Annual Performer Meeting (APM). The election will take place on 25 November 2015.

Apart from sitting at the company’s performer board, successful candidates will sit at the main PPL board as well. The candidates, who are already existing elected performer directors, are retiring by rotation in accordance with PPL’s Articles of Association, and standing for re-election, are Hunt and Kelly. The performers also could nominate other candidates to contest in the election, and by that process, Webster was confirmed as an election candidate. Each candidate has provided a written election statement, and these can be viewed on PPL’s website.

In addition to these two positions, there is a third elected performer director currently held by Gerald Newson, chairman of PPL’s Performer Board (who was re-elected at last year’s APM). There will be one more performer director elected next year, which will make it the fourth director as per the constitutional changes. In totality, there will be six PPL performer directors (sitting alongside eight record company directors, two executive directors from PPL’s management, and one non-industry director) soon.

John Smith (general secretary of the Musicians’ Union and president of the International Federation of Musicians) will take up the part-time role of PPL chairman, following the retirement of Fran Nevrkla OBE in 2016.