| 07 May 2021
Spotify and Uber partner to create personal playlist on the go

MUMBAI: On Monday, 17 November, Spotify announced that it is teaming up with Uber, the ridesharing service to create a personalised soundtrack for travellers when driving. The cities where listeners can experience this custom-made soundtrack include London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Nashville, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney and Toronto.

In a release, Spotify stated that to listen to the personlised soundtrack, listeners from these cities can connect their Spotify account via the Uber app, request a ride, and when they get matched up with a Spotify-enabled Uber, simply select music from any one of Uber’s featured playlists or one of their own Spotify playlists within the Uber app.

So, the moment the vehicle arrives, your music will be playing on the speakers. Listeners can also change what is playing during your journey right through the Spotify and Uber mobile apps.

The new Uber and Spotify integration, available to all Uber and Spotify Premium users on iOS (and Android with a limited feature set), starts rolling out on Friday, 21 November in the 10 launch cities. It was also stated that the integration will continue to roll out globally over the coming weeks.

Spotify is expected to launch in India in 2015.