| 18 Jun 2024
FL Studio 21.1 Introduces vibrant new plug-ins and piano roll updates

MUMBAI : The creators have spoken: FL Studio, the music-making platform used by producers all over the world, introduces FL Studio 21.1 with innovative new features and plug-ins for seamlessly creating and integrating bold new sounds into tracks. From the new AI-powered declipping tool to snap to scale in the piano roll, these new updates include the FL Studio community’s most requested features to help users take their ideas straight from their brains to their speakers.

With over 25 years of continuous development, FL Studio has become the go-to platform for producers of all levels. Designed to boost productivity and inspiration, FL Studio 21.1 offers two new features within the Piano Roll tool: Snap to Scale and Python-based Scripts. The Snap to Scale feature snaps notes to the selected scale on placement or movement–making key changes and note editing easier and faster than ever. 

The Python-based Piano Roll Scripting feature allows custom manipulation of MIDI piano roll data-including automatic user interface creation and a social forum to share and discuss scripts.  Producers who know how to code can input their desired notes and rhythms to produce scripted melodies and beats. Non-coders can select and customize pre-scripted melodies and beats to streamline their workflow process. 

Producers can also explore entirely new sounds thanks to newly added and updated plug-ins with FL Studio 21.1. Powered by AI, the Edison Declipper can restore and smooth recordings that have been clipped and distorted due to level issues, saving a great take that got just a little too hot. The new extreme chorus FX plugin called Hyper Chorus lets users add epic depth to their tracks and can turn a single voice or instrument into a dynamic, layered choir.

Other workflow upgrades include colored waveforms based on frequency levels for easy identification and higher precision while mixing, automatic software updates, and external MIDI clock syncing capabilities. Check out a complete list of the updates included in FL Studio 21.1 here.