| 08 Feb 2023
Percept Live targets listing in 2025 at over Rs 2,400 cr valuation

MUMBAI: Percept Live, a leading Live Media Entertainment company, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Percept Limited, that focuses on creating unique Intellectual Properties in the arenas of Entertainment and Sport is planning to list on the Indian Stock Exchange in 2025. The company is targeting over INR 2,400 crore valuation in its Initial Public Offering.

Percept Live utilized the Covid-19 lockdown period to diversify business streams and incubate new Intellectual Properties. The company launched multiple Virtual and Hybrid variants including ‘Sunburn@Home’, 'Bollyboom@Home', ‘Sunburn Home Festival’, ‘Sunburn Select’, ‘Sunburn on Air’ Radio and ‘Sunburn Campus’ Live Stream formats. Other innovations included expanding the Sunburn Merchandize range, opening up Sunburn F&B formats, Sunburn Beach Club in Goa, Sunburn Super Club in Hyderabad, Sunburn Super Club in Pune, Solaris Goa and Sunburn Super Club in Bangalore. 2021 saw the launch of the Sunburn Academy - an interactive online Academic Program for aspiring DJs and Music Producers, and the brand successfully entering the NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) music art domain. Sunburn also franchised its brand and concept to Luxury Real Estate with Sunburn Villas, and the Accessories category spanning Sunburn Jewelers Collection, Sunburn Shoes, Sunglasses and more.

Percept Live foresees a massive demand and consumption for IPs that facilitate in-person interaction and engagement once the pandemic subsides. The company is ready for a huge post Covid-19 crest in consumer demand for live media and entertainment consumption with six IPs including Sunburn, Bollyboom, EPL (Eat Play Love), Windsong, IMS (India Model Search) and XCC (Xtreme Combat Championship) in a variety of Live and Hybrid formats to reach out to a vast global and domestic audience. 

The company has built a strong leadership team to spearhead each IP viz. 

    Manuj Agarwal, CEO, Percept Live & CEO, Bollybooom 
    Karan Singh, COO, Percept Live & CEO, Sunburn; 
    Harshad Bhagwat, Business Head, Windsong  
    Priyank Mahajan and Vinay Agarwal, Business Heads for XCC 
    Janamjai Sehgal and Manav Mehta, Business Heads for Bollyboom
    Nimittesh Malpekar, Business Head, EPL
    Khushi Singh, Business Head, IMS 

This leadership team is co-invested in their respective IPs which will confer them with meaningful control in governing and aggressively driving their IPs and ensuring holistic long term value to consumers and shareholders.

Percept Live is aiming for sales exceeding INR 210 crores in its first full year of operations post Covid with firm plans to grow sales over four times within 5 years. The company has developed a successful model of building Intellectual Properties in a single domain and thereafter converting it into a popular and aspirational lifestyle mass consumption brand. A remarkable case study being Sunburn, which started off in 2007 as a 3 day music festival in Goa and evolved into multiple on ground, digital and hybrid formats spanning Festivals, Reloads, Arenas and Campus live shows, Radio, Television Merchandise, Hospitality, Education, Real Estate, Clubs and Beverages. Sunburn also made its debut overseas in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Dubai, Muscat and Australia to become the first successful indigenous Music IP to cross international shores. Recently Sunburn created history by recording the World’s fastest ever NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) sales with 2 NFTs being sold in less than 20 seconds and 4 NFTs in less than 1 minute.  Percept Live will use this valuable learning to grow five more IPs of which Bollyboom, Windsong and EPL have been concept tested already.

Each Percept Live IP has been ingenuously curated to cater to diverse consumer segments, needs, desires and aspirations viz: 

Sunburn is Asia’s Premiere Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Festival, and ranked amongst the world’s biggest music festivals. Over the past 14 years, Sunburn has brought together leading International and Indian artists to entertain millions of dance music lovers across the country and overseas, and positioned India as a prime dance festival destination to the world. Today Sunburn is globally recognized as an aspirational youth lifestyle brand boasting an eclectic mix of music, entertainment, experiences and celebration that has seeded music tourism in India and offers a wide range of lifestyle experiences spanning Merchandize, Hospitality, Education, Real Estate, Clubs, NFTs, Cafes and Beverages.

Bollyboom is the world’s first and biggest Bollywood Dance Music Festival, offering a scintillating blend of music, dance and entertainment. With a larger than life production, infusion of dance music and incredible SFX, Bollyboom provides a completely new twist to this genre of popular music to create a unique live entertainment experience for Bollywood music fans across the globe.

EPL (Eat, Play, Love) is a multi-cultural Festival of Food, Music and Art for the entire family. EPL is a single destination event, which brings together the best of the city with international production values. The Festival customizes, builds and delivers on the 360-degree experience of food, music and art by reflecting the diversity and spirit of each city and its citizens.

Windsong is an exclusive Adventure Music Festival focused on storytelling through the vibrant and diverse platform of Music and Arts. An original, independent, alternative musical experience, Windsong features a wide choice of music genres including Folk, Blues, Jazz, Soul, Funk and Folk Rock.

IMS (India Model Search) is India's first and only transparent model search platform that provides equal opportunity to all aspiring fashion models. IMS offers a credible search mechanism to the masses, recruits promising faces, garners talent, grooms, nurtures candidates and generates modeling opportunities. The IMS Advisory Board of experts mould aspiring models as per global standards, the IMS Academy offers budding models extensive training to prepare them for the modeling world; and the IMS Agency will represent and manage talent, while creating many opportunities for them.

XCC (Xtreme Combat Championship) is a Fight Night competition with a 3 hour extravaganza showcasing fights of various categories involving both men and women interspersed, along with a complete experience that includes fights, F&B, fashion and music. XCC will have four formats viz. Fight Nights, India Open, World Open and a League. Future brand extensions envisioned are in the areas of Gyms & Health Clubs, Health Foods & Beverages, and Action Wear.

Said Harindra Singh, Chairman & Managing Director, Percept Limited, “Everyone loves a good idea. And everyone has many good ideas. Over years, with consumer insight we figured what consumers want and our endeavor is to just deliver that at the right place and at the right price. We learnt a lot with Sunburn, faced every possible challenge, survived and grew stronger. It’s this knowledge that will help us now. We have seen a lot of ideas and concepts from the western world go global. It’s our time now. We wish to ensure our concepts have enough fuel for the global expansion when the time is right. We also have a few equity investors who have invested their faith in us. This IPO will perhaps also provide an upside and exit for them.”

Said Manuj Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer, Percept Live, “Our initiative to list Percept Live will definitely spark a trend and inspire Indian Entertainment, Media and Experiential Marketing companies  to think out-of-the-box and develop innovative and engaging IPs that can cut across geographical and demographic barriers to become relevant and successful pan-India and overseas. The capital raised via the IPO will be used towards scaling up the existing IP portfolio and creating more innovative IP’s with a global appeal.”  

Said Karan Singh, Chief Operating Officer, Percept Live, “Percept Live aims to become an even more highly evolved and edgy brand in the coming decade. We want consumers to connect socially at these live platforms and take home extraordinary memorable experiences to last a lifetime. Sunburn has already expanded from its musical roots into the burgeoning lifestyle space to emerge as India’s largest Live Media Asset. With a 100% Y-o-Y growth in the Digital domain and an eclectic lifestyle mix of music, entertainment, experiences and memorabilia spanning Merchandize, Hospitality, Education, Real Estate, Radio, Television, Clubs, Beverages and NFTs, we are excited to replicate this learning curve to expand five more stellar IPs which will offer a bespoke experience to our consumers and immense value to our investors.”