| 30 Mar 2023
Playtoome announces its new vertical Playtoome Originals, dedicates the first single to Late Actor Sushant Singh Rajpoot

MUMBAIPlaytoome- India’s first online live entertainment platform, has forayed into original content streaming by launching the new vertical - Playtoome Originals. The new vertical on the platform will provide artistes with opportunities to present their talent to their audiences and also to the industry veterans. The platform established with the idea of connecting artistes with their fans irrespective of boundaries, now plans to disrupt the space with original content picked from the less explored regions in India.

With the aim of escalating the stage for the artistes, Playtoome will be taking care of distribution, promotion and monetization of the content under Playtoome Originals.  In addition to the songs the content will also include all kind of performances and creations by performing artistes. The brand will all promote the offerings across the platforms including other entertainment applications, open platforms etc. under the banner of Playtoome Originals.

To mark the launch of the new vertical, Playtoome has released their first single titled ‘Alvida’- a song composed and sung by renowned Kannada music director Vinay Chandra  created in the memory of Late Actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The new content will be available for free for the audience to cherish.

“Knowing the fact that on the supply side, no more than 2% of the aspiring artistes across performing arts pursue career due to economic viability, Playtoome has been giving opportunities to artistes to present and monetize their content. We have already gained popularity among artistes thriving in the remotest of the areas in India. Our platform could provide the right stage to their performances. We are overwhelmed with the success stories we have built. Now we are taking this a step ahead. With the launch of Playtoome Originals, we will be able to go beyond just live performances and showcase the complete packaged content that has been created after number of efforts by these artistes,” said Mr. Keerthivasan Subramanian- Founder & CEO, Playtoome.

The platform is looking forward to featuring over 100 songs/performances under Playtoome Original by the year end. The core idea is to widen the horizon for artists and also provide the users with engaging content.