| 03 Mar 2024
YouTube Music and premium are now available in fourteen new regions

MUMBAI: YouTube Music’s revamp and YouTube Premium were kicked off two years ago. YouTube Music was positioned as an eventual replacement for Google Play Music, but that has only started to happen in earnest just recently. YouTube Premium, on the other hand, was a rebrand of “YouTube Red,” the company’s paid ad-free platform. Both services are now rolling out to 14 new regions.

·       American Samoa

·       Aruba

·       Belarus

·       Bermuda

·       Cayman Islands

·       Egypt

·       French Guyana

·       French Polynesia

·       Guadeloupe

·       Guam

·       Northern Mariana Islands

·       Papua New Guinea

·       Puerto Rico

·       U.S. Virgin Islands

Both YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium are now available in these new countries and regions, bringing the total number of areas up to 95. Student memberships are now available in Egypt but family plans have been removed from Belarus. Interested customers can visit the YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium pages to subscribe.

YouTube Music has a free tier, but the free tier is not really useful as a music streaming service to rival Spotify or even Google Play Music. You need to pay for Premium in order to listen to music in the background, for starters. YouTube Premium removes all ads from videos and gives you the ability to download videos for offline viewing. If you live in one of the newly supported areas, then check out these services