| 01 Jun 2023
Matthias H÷rstmann confirmed as ESNS19 Keynote speaker

MUMBAI: German music entrepreneur Matthias Hörstmann will be delivering a Keynote speech at ESNS19 in Groningen.

Hörstmann has been active in the media and event industry as publisher, promoter and CEO for 25 years. He founded Hörstmann Gruppe in 1991, which currently covers more than ten successful companies, making it one of the most relevant businesses within the international music and media markets.

Hörstmann (1968) is founder of pop culture magazine INTRO and the annual Festival guide since 1991. He currently leads the German MELT! Festival as well as open air events such as splash! and Lollapalooza Berlin. Hörstmann owns the concert agency MELT! Booking and advertising agency Gemeinsamen Sache. In addition to these roles, he is shareholder/joint partner and Supervisory Board Chairman of Goodlive, the live entertainment network group in Berlin.