| 13 Jul 2024
Free website, is fighting to revolutionize music storage

MUMBAI:, a free and unlimited music storage website that empowers music collectors and enthusiasts to backup and listen to their music online, is radically changing the way people store, interact, and listen to their music online. was developed to solve the problem of storing large personal music collections while always providing users total access to their entire music library easily via any internet capable device. provides a free alternative to popular premium music services such as Apple Music, Google Play, and Spotify and focuses on the user’s music collection rather than offering access to a music repository. Unlike Apple and Google, places no limits on the number of songs a user can upload or stream and is completely free. is simple to use and is accessible on any computer, tablet, or smartphone with no apps or software to install. Music uploading is simple and intuitive; Users simply drag and drop their music from their iTunes library into their account and the songs are automatically processed and catalogued based on the artist and album. Once uploaded, music can be played from all of the user’s devices, anywhere in the world, with no apps to install or additional software needed. Storage and playback is unlimited and is dedicated to remaining absolutely free and legal with no storage or listening fees.

Based out of Houston, TX, strives to continue perfecting online music storage and provide the solution for free to people of all walks of life. To access one’s personal music library from any device, anywhere in the world.’s browser-based music players allow users to easily browse their entire music collection, top songs, recent plays, top artists, or search directly for an artist, album, or song. Users can also upload artwork to accompany their albums.

“The launch of would have been impossible without the artists and musicians who constantly inspire our company to design and create better things,” explained president Tom Gerken. “ is dedicated to the belief that people are inherently good and that our world can be improved through a synergy of music, technology, and people.”