| 30 May 2023
AXS and Veritix partnership to go beyond ticketing

MUMBAI: Ticketing companies AXS (Outbox AXS) and Veritix will unite soon, and as one entity, will mix and match each other’s techniques and technology in order to grow. The consumer-focused interface and ticketing platform of Outbox AXS, which includes AXS invite and the AXS waiting room, will partner with digital ticketing, event marketing and relationship management applications- Veritix for its season ticket management technology and Flash Seats digital, ID-based ticketing technology.

The announcement was made by Outbox AXS president and CEO Bryan Perez and Veritix CEO Samuel Gerace. Perez said, "This partnership is about more than ticketing. It is about combining the best technology and services to create the only platform in the industry that engages with consumers beyond ticketing through every phase of the event lifecycle."

Gerace said, "This is an exciting moment for Veritix and for all the teams, venues and organisations that believed in the value of innovating and evolving the platform that helps them run their businesses and create great experiences for fans. Our role in this industry has always been about more than ticketing and now we have a partnership that accelerates our vision of empowering teams and venues with the best solutions to drive insights and fan delight."

The organisation will also depend on partners like Carbonhouse, AXS Advantage, and Bypass as well.

With more than $2 billion of combined transactions annually, Outbox AXS will now have a significant market share in North American sports. "Today’s merger was able to take place because we have two industry leading organisations with a shared vision of empowering venues, teams and fans with the best technology, tools and insights, adding the most value to the entire event experience. AXS now has the infrastructure and market share to provide the most complete experience for live entertainment venues and fans," Perez added.

AEG and Cirque du Soleil founded Outbox AXS has established AXS as the only fully integrated platform that empowers venues and sports franchises to run their own business operations while building a direct brand relationship with their loyal fans, after the recent announcement. AXS will manage every aspect of the ticketing, in-event and post-event experience.