| 30 Mar 2023
Leading French label joins forces with Mixtape

MUMBAI: In a bid to strengthen Indo-French culture exchange, members of La Fine Equipe, the label’s founders have teamed up with the Mumbai based music management agency who has curated a reflection of the electronic music landscape from India for the latest edition of Nowadays Records - Around The World series of compilations. It puts a spotlight on break-through artists and communities across the globe.

Around the World: India by Mixtape released on digital platforms today featuring 13 Indian producers including Bangalore’s Malfnktion, Aerate Sound and Disco Puppet; Mumbai’s Madboy, Kumail, Skyflwr, and Three Oscillators; New Delhi/Mumbai based Paraphoniks and Burudu; Goa native Daulat; New Delhi’s Hashback Hashish and Lifafa; as well as Paris based Fuzzy Logic. Aniruddh Mehta aka the big fat minimalist brings his signature style to illustrate the compilation’s artwork.

Nowadays Records co-founders Ugo De Angelis and Vincent Leibovitz, who are also the members of La Fine Equipe, had their first taste of of what Indian artists have to offer in 2017 when Mixtape had booked La Fine Equipe’s debut tour of the country. It was a part of the Bonjour India Festival.

Ugo says,” It's definitely an exciting time for electronic music in India. There is so much creativity in Indian music and artists here have a huge potential to explode globally. We felt a really good energy there.”

Speaking about the collaboration with MixTape, Ugo De Angelis says, “We have so much in common with Mixtape especially in terms of a shared vision about the new electronic scene. Our idea for Around The World compilations is to have a look at the new "scenes" that need more attention and Mixtape is the perfect connection for us."

Mixtape and Nowadays Records aim to bring worldwide attention to Indian electronic music and artists while also offering the French electronic music community an opportunity to discover fresh sounds. “For majority of people here, India is just Bollywood music. We want to share all this talent emerging from India with people in Europe and hope to break that stereotype,” says Ugo. The label also hopes that this compilation acts as an instigator for more collaborations between European and Indian artists; he goes on to add, “More Indian music in France and French artists in India. Even if the countries have different cultures, music always connects people to make the world look small.”

Full Tracklist:

 Disco Puppet - POPO

 Aerate Sound - Reclamation Song

 Paraphoniks - Rubicon

 Three Oscillators, Daulat - Bombay to Merces

  Kumail - So Long

  Malfnktion – Tawang

 Hashback Hashish Ft. Lifafa - Love Lost

 Skyflwr - Fake

 Fuzzy Logic - Millennia

 Burudu - To Jameson's Delight

 Madboy - Projector Gulaab