| 21 Jun 2024
T-Series mains Bhushan Kumar and Vinod Bhanushali credit æcontentÆ for their chance to become number one YouTube channel in the world

MUMBAI: With what has kept the world guessing is the neck-throat between T-Series and PewDiePie, which seems to be heading towards the biggest outcome, India might witness soon. India’s giant music label T-Series is mere one lakh, some thousand subscribers behind the currently number one YouTube channel, PewDiePie, which is owned by Swedish YouTuber Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. While we hear a lot of stories around this development, we thought of talking to the mains from T-Series, who seem quite confident, though practical, as they gear to become the number one non-English YouTube channel in the world.

T-Series managing director, chairman and CEO Bhushan Kumar exclaims, “We have ensured to change with changing times and offer whatever is in demand, yet experiment and learn with it. We are glad that this experiment and hard work, by the entire team, has led us to this position and definitely the audience, who is spread across the globe for the content we offer.”

T-Series President Media Marketing Publishing (TV) and Music Acquisitions Vinod Bhanushali says, “It is a great feeling to be in this race. The subscribers and viewers on our YouTube channel have grown over the years only because of the variety of content the viewers get there. Our main content is music and it is available just a click away now, unlike initially, when everything was in the form of physical copies like cassettes, CDs, etc. We have always tried to do something different and offer the audiences something new to view on T-Series.”

“It is all because of a strong Artists and repertoire team, who works with dedication and passion along with Bhushanji, to create superhit content. It’s the content we have made and acquired by our fellow industry friends that has helped us build a strong content channel,” Bhanushali further adds.

On digital being the current age and importance of YouTube as a platform, today, Kumar further adds, “With changing times, especially that we are living in the digital era, the usage of internet has grown by leaps and bounds. YouTube has become one place to watch videos that are new, latest or even old videos. And we at T-Series have a bag of varied content, which serves to these demands of different age groups, gender, likings, etc. Our main channel and 29 odd sub channels help us in giving different content piece that has its own audience.”

Bhanushali also stresses upon the importance of content, today, as he says, “Research says, there is approximately 300 hours of content that’s uploaded on YouTube per minute by all channels. But it is always good, quality content that gets a click. Our chance to become number one is mainly because ‘Content is King’.”

With a strong, varied content to offer, T-Series has been entertaining global audiences. Bhushan Kumar’s ear for music, which he has earned from his father, Gulshan Kumar, T-Series has been tasting success with every passing day. Also, the fall in the rates of data as well as the easy availability of Smartphones has made accessing YouTube easy to the Indian population of around 1.35 billion people. T-Series currently has 71,236,112 subscribers.

PewDiePie, on the other hand, is famous for making comedic vlogs and video game commentary videos. The channel’s horror genre based Let's Play-styled video games commentaries are among the most viewed content. The owner, who is also nicknamed by the name of his YouTube channel had also, ran into controversies in 2017 for his non-gaming content. PewDiePie had defeated the number one subscriber YouTube channel, YouTube Spotlight on 17 August 2013. Currently the channel has 71,355,155 subscribers.

Meanwhile, as the gap between T-Series and PewDiePie subscribers is narrowing, we will have to wait and watch, until when the Swedish YouTube channel will sustain the number one throne that it has owned since 23 December 2013!

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