| 19 Jul 2024
Top three favorite gadgets for music lovers

MUMBAI: For music lovers, you’d understand that not a day goes by without listening to your favorite songs. This could be your playlist for work or songs that motivate you to be productive and seize the day. Or, you may want to listen to songs while you’re doing your cardio or lifting weights at the gym. Heck, it could be a playlist dedicated for your morning routine.

Music can keep you calm and level-headed. It can inspire you to work hard and focus on a particular task. It can also keep you company, while you’re driving towards home or feeling some sorts of emotions.

Since music has held a great part in our day-to-day, it becomes important for people to listen to their soundtracks conveniently. This could mean having their music on the go, no matter where they are and what they do.

Lucky for you, today’s technological driven era has made that possible. Many gadgets are made available where music lovers can stream their songs right at their fingertips. These smart devices can make the most out of your music-listening experience.

Below are a few of the best gadgets and gears out there. These innovative tools are crafted to perfection, suiting any individual’s preferences. And in terms of quality, one can only expect the highest of standards from these devices. They offer you a high-quality, clear sound of music everywhere you go.

Best believe that when it comes to gadgets you can easily listen to music/radio, these top picks don’t disappoint at every beat:

Marshall Woburn II Bluetooth Speaker

Ah, Marshall – The legendary name in the music industry.

Marshall has been known time and again for its superb music quality. The company has produced several classics under its name, and even Marshall Woburn II’s ancestors are still one of the well-loved products of all time.

Bluetooth speakers are today’s fad. Unlike other gadgets where you need to connect your phones with a jack, Bluetooth speakers offer ‘wireless’ convenience that’s easier and handier. If you want to set the mood of a crowd or in big spaces, then these Bluetooth speakers can do the job pretty well.

You only have to connect the speaker and your phone via Bluetooth and play your playlist or stream your top picks.

And if we’re talking about Bluetooth speakers, Marshall Woburn II is one of the best. From its sleek, classic vintage design to its high-quality speakers, you will surely enjoy some rich, powerful audio. This one may be smaller (and prettier) than the usual amplifiers, but they can be louder than its competition. Every penny you put into this speaker is worth it.

TDK Boombox

If you feel like channelling your inner John Cusack and serenading your beloved outside the window with a boombox (movie inspiration: ‘Say Anything’), then gear up with a TDK Boombox.

The TDK boombox is like a reincarnation of those early 70’s version, only that it’s dramatically upgraded to match today’s smart digital features. With a USB and RCA auxiliary ports, you can easily connect your phone and play some good tunes.

You can still anticipate its predecessor’s highlights like the good old AM/FM radio. However, they may come with an exciting twist: Instead of old analog switches, you get touch-sensitive buttons from the TDK Boombox.

From 15-watt center woofer and ten-watt side speakers finished with a high gloss black, this one is a definite catch!

Bose SoundSport Free Earphones

To music lovers who are always on the go, these wire-free earphones from Bose are something you shouldn’t miss.

These wireless inventions are perfect for those who move around a lot. Some examples would be sports and fitness enthusiasts. For music lovers, who does pilates or cardio, these earphones will let you enjoy your blood-pumping tunes while working out. You can freely move around without skipping a sound.

This awesome SoundSport Free Earphones is also perfect for busy executives. In fact, it works really well for everybody who wants to eliminate the hassles of wired connectivity. You can talk to clients clearly and conveniently while juggling tasks between typing on your laptop and scanning through some documents. And of course, if you want to hit the treadmill after work, you can still put these handy gears into your ear sockets and listen to your playlist.

There you have it. If you’re looking for music gadgets this 2019, these three picks are worth your investments. They can be a great gift for yourself or for someone who loves music. You can buy them at discounted rates online. Shop here for more voucher.

But besides these gadgets, always remember that your music source is also an important factor to enjoy the best music experience. If your phone gets easily drained or has connectivity issues, it may dampen your music mood. Try to upgrade with Lebara. Or if you want a fast and secure connection, consider Vodafone.

Which is your favourite gadget on the list? Can you suggest other items? Tell us in the comments section.

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