| 18 Jul 2024
blueFROGÆs Jehan Johar to focus on Ra Music and gigs

MUMBAI: After a stint of seven years with blueFROG, Jehan Johar, who served as programming head at the live music venue has taken up the role of consultant for the concert venue. He was looking after electronic music and live music programming, a role which has now been taken over by Ruchika Tiku. Johar will now focus on his own company Ra Music and Ra Studio.

He confirmed the news to regarding his new start-up and consultation role with blueFROG. Commenting on his association with BlueFROG, he said, "I have been with them for seven years. The organisation has benefited from my work and I have gained immense knowledge over years working with them. I have not left the organisation completely as they have hired me as a consultant."


Johar will focus on building his brand Ra Music and Ra Studio, and will also concentrate on his career as a DJ (stage name- DJ Janux). Johar said, "My expertise lies in electronic music and live music and so I decided to develop it further with Ra Music. I would like to do programming for various venues and festivals." Recently, Ra Music did a one-off gig at China House and China 1.

Without revealing much too many of Ra Music's plans, Johar said, "There are a few things in the pipeline." He will be seen travelling to Europe to play at various venues as a DJ and help promoters from Europe come to India, through Ra Music. His hopes to learn a lot from his Europe trip, which according to him, will also help him learn more about DJing and producing music. There will be a lot more happening with Johar as an artist and an entrepreneur.