| 18 Apr 2024
MixRadio Music Connects 2014: YouTube working on system to remunerate cover artistes

MUMBAI: India has had its own share of success stories where video platform YouTube is concerned. According to India and South Asia YouTube music partnerships head Manan Singhi, there are few names of India and Indian origin artistes who have gained popularity through YouTube. The few names he mentioned included Jonita Gandhi, Shirley Setia, Raghav Sachar and Maati Baani.

These are artistes who started their careers by doing cover of other renowned artistes. With the number of such artistes growing, Singhi said that they are working on a system that would help these cover artistes. Singhi said, “Cover artistes also need remuneration. This in a way would help us encourage independent artistes as well.”

The revelation was made during MixRadio 6th Music Connects at a panel ‘Building Your Audience’ which was moderated by entrepreneur and strategic advisor Amit Agarwal. Other panelists included To11 Media Inc owner Rob McDermott and WatConsult CEO Rajiv Dhingra.

Citing examples of success stories like AIB (All India Backchod) and TVF (The Viral Fever), Dhingra said that these channels are become huge on YouTube. “AIB is become unaffordable for brands,” claimed Dhingra. He also stated that “tens of lakhs” are given by brands to put together AIB and TVF’s content. The blooming internet space has opened up doors of digital advertising for many online content creators today. He is hopeful that digital advertising is estimated to generate 10,000 crores in the future.

McDermott has also had success stories with artistes that he has worked with in the past. Highlighting the role of YouTube in these stories, he said that “YouTube is like radio. People listen to the same music again and again.” He pointed out the challenge in the space as well, saying it is very important that people do not mix ‘Likes’ and engagement as it helps understand more about audiences. According to McDermott, Facebook and other social media networks have to co-relate. However, Dhingra believes that Indian artistes need to make Facebook more important and then move on to other social media sites as the platform helps embedding and sharing on YouTube.