| 02 Feb 2023
We chose Saavn to reach urban and upper class groups: Godrej group marketing head Shireesh Joshi

MUMBAI: Godrej has collaborated with music streaming platform Saavn for a unique promotional strategy.

Godrej created a curated playlist called 'Wonder Women' on Saavn, the first attempt by a brand to create a curated playlist on the streaming service, according to the FMCG company.

The brand has earlier worked with various music platforms to promote its products and initiatives, one of which included artiste platform - Songdew. Talking about Godrej's association with music, Godrej Group strategic marketing head Shireesh Joshi said, "Music is not a permanent platform of promotion for us. But we believe in marketing and media innovations thus, we use the platform as an opportunity comes our way. This could differ for our products. It basically depends on the market or the consumer we are trying to reach."

Said Joshi on the Saavn initiative that kicked off on Women’s Day this year, “Saavn is a huge platform and it is innovative. Moreover, they were equally willing and excited to work with us. We also chose Saavn because we were looking at reaching urban and upper-class groups."

Godrej's team took just a week to put the curated playlist together. The playlist was designed around five important topics, Careers 2.0 (the Comeback), Safety at the workplace (Never Alone), Daycare facility (The Safe Place), Women in under-presented sectors (The Mavericks) and Maternity benefits (Sweet Beginnings).

"This initiative was not just about any product but about Godrej as a master brand. There are many things that we do as a brand and one of these things are the initiatives that we take for our women employees. This initiative was designed around the same," averred Joshi.

The digital medium is a cost effective medium in comparison to the traditional form of marketing but Joshi insists that this was not the only reason the company opted for Saavn. "It's not often cheaper, but there is very little wastage in this medium. You reach the audience you want to, unlike the other mediums. You can also craft your product the way you want to. So, it allows one to be different and people remember remarkable things."

The campaign with Saavn did well for Godrej although it was just a week-long campaign that started on Women's Day. In fact, the 'Wonder Women' playlist is still getting organic listeners, he claimed. Godrej also got a lot of positive industry feedback, according to Joshi.

The digital medium will be a large part of marketing for Godrej in the future, he said. "It gives you an opportunity to cross-link things. Thus, one can leverage more through this medium. But, it will also depend on the market groups one is trying to reach. Niche products can go the digital way but the products demanding different market groups will have to go the traditional way," ended Joshi.