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Press Release |  17 Apr 2009 11:06 |  By RnMTeam

Music Today launches Kamal Sabri's 'Sarangi Funk'

MUMBAI: Music Today launches its latest album - Sarangi Funk by Sarangi exponent KAMAL SABRI, son of the Sarangi legend USTAD SABRI KHAN. Through, Sarangi Funk the legend in the making Kamal Sabri takes the Sarangi fever to a whole new level and showcases his extraordinary talent by composing music which leaves the listeners enchanted.

As the title suggests, Sarangi Funk is a bold & innovative attempt to introduce and exhibit the untapped aspect of Sarangi. This album is a heady mix of Jazz, Folk, Western as well as other cross-cultural influences, where Sarangi gets funky and energised bringing out the vivacious and vibrant avatar of the instrument.

About the album – SARANGI FUNK

Gifted with unquestionable qualities of sound, tenor and innumerable variations Sarangi has exceptional adaptability to suit any genre of music. It covers the entire gamut of classical like Dhrupad, Dhammar, Khayal, Thumri, Dadra, Kajri, Chaiti, Tappa,
Tirivat, Tarana, light classical e.g., Bhajan, Ghazal, folk songs, film songs. Of late Sarangi has even dared to venture into Jazz, contemporary and new age music and very emphatically made its mark to everybody's astonishment and liking.

Sarangi is the only instrument that is most complete, closest to human voice  and the only one that is played by the cuticles(the most sensitive part of the finger nails) Also its virtuosity lies even in the fact that it is equally proficient as a solo and an accompanying instrument to vocal performers.

Sarangi Funk is a bold & innovative attempt to introduce and exhibit the untapped aspect of Sarangi. This album features some delectable compositions, composed & played by the famous Sarangi maestro Kamal Sabri, where he brews new concoctions of rhythm, beats and melody.

The myth that Sarangi is used just to emote musically sad tones, unfortunately has stuck to it. In fact this is just one of its aspects, which coincidentally has been exposed too much to the public's ear as a result of which its ability to express moods of happiness, vibrant energy, music to dance etc has unfortunately never been exploited to the full.

However it is through this album the world will discover the new age Sarangi which is not just funky but also groovy.


1-Sarangi Technology

2-Sarangi Spania

3-Seven Again

4-Namaste India

5-Sarangi Romance

6-Jazzy Rangi


8-Sarangi Technology (Electro Mix)

About  the artiste - Kamal Sabri

KAMAL SABRI is the son of the sarangi legend USTAD SABRI KHAN and is carrying forward the rich legacy of the Senia gharana of Moradabad. He is the seventh generation of a distinguished family of traditional musicians and has demonstrated profound versatility in playing the Sarangi.