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Press Release |  03 Sep 2013 15:33 |  By RnMTeam

Pizazz Entertainment introduces JOE SIG

MUMBAI: Pizazz Entertainment, a new indie record label, is bursting into the music industry in a major way with the introduction of their feature Hip Hop artist JOE SIG. Whose rhymes that hit as hard as an eager UFC fighter who has trained with the best, fought the toughest, and is now ready for the world to call him a champion.

Joe is definitely approaching the fight with hard right jabs with the release of his first single ‘Check Yourself’ courtesy of the newbie label. "Once I began making mix tapes and performing, you know jealousy gets the best of some." Joe Sig explains about the concept of ‘Check Yourself’ that warns others to perform a self evaluation before turning negative energy in his direction.

Writing and rhyming since the age of 14, Joe admits that it was only about a few years ago when he began to explore music as a career. "My first time getting seriously involved in music was when I was on house arrest about 2 years ago and I did like a 21 track mix tape in like 2 weeks." Since then he has been featured on other unsigned artist tracks and has also had several mix tapes on the market prior to getting into a state of the art studio with CEO of Pizazz Entertainment, Brian ‘B Sharp’ Howard.

"Joe is a phenomenal lyricist," Howard boasts. "When I heard him time and time again with his sick flow and crazy delivery, I knew that music fans everywhere could appreciate his style."

Joe Sig definitely has ‘pizzazz’ that shines from the inside out with hundreds of friends and followers on social media as well as ranking 68th on RiverbNation's Hip Hop Chart. “I’m passionate about music, my life is music!" exclaims Sig. "And I believe in spreading your love to the next person and the next so that we all can feel free to indulge in our passions. Motivating people to be free and be themselves motivates me.”

The label is releasing the song, ‘Check Yourself’ in September, a tour is scheduled for early October and an EP release slated before the end of 2013.