| 26 May 2020
Belgium becomes the newest BBC World Service member

MUMBAI: According to Belgian radio transmitting provider- Norkring, BBC World Service will begin its radio programmes across Belgium in November, this year, has reported.

BBC World Service Radio becomes the eighth commercial radio station carried by a national DAB+ multiplex. The radio service will be added to the multiplex in November, which already carries OPradio, VBRO Radio, Radio Maria, Radio FG, Radio Stad, Family Radio and Club FM.

Services will be available at home, work and in the car at perfect HD digital quality, announced the multiplex operator. With this, Belgium becomes the latest member to offer BBC World Service to its people, after BBC expanded to Matla on DAB+.

The latest development adds another milestone to BBC's expansion, which includes availability on FM HD2 channels across the US, as well as online, shortwave, FM and online transmission all over the world.