| 23 Jul 2019
Hafeez Contractor designs India's first 'City of Music' in Khopoli

MUMBAI: Located in Khopoli, Hafeez Contractor designed æCity of MusicÆ - a project initiated by Nirvana Realty and Disha Direct is the first music inspired township in India. This township, which is developed between scenic farms and the river of Ambala, will have a lot to offer music fanatics.

The property will have luxury weekend homes, villas and theme resorts. It will also have recreation faculties like music library, music museum, spa, gymnasium, music themed swimming pool, music recording studio for the residents and an instrumental zone û where one can learn to play music.

The most important feature of the city will be music! Hence, everything here will be connected with music. One will get to listen to music in the gardens, swimming pool, fountains and their homes; they will also have areas dedicated to musical concerts.

ôWe have created some soothing non-commercial music that can be connected to through bluetooth or an app on their phone. So, one can play their choice of music with its help. We have also taken care of the licensing of commercial music,ö said Nirvana Reality CEO Punit Agarwal.

The residents will not even have to worry about their speakers getting spoilt as sound engineer; Alok J Thakkar has installed marine speakers. ôThe speakers are weather proof, dust proof, rust proof and water proof,ö informed Thakkar.

Various other aspects of sound coming out of these speakers have been taken care of by Thakkar. ôThe sound should be from a good speaker and it has to be engineered well. Soothing music canÆt be loud. Thus, these aspects had to be taken care of while placing the speakers æinvisibly.Æ Speakers in places like the bathroom, etc., had to be invisible. The dedicated music zones have external speakers but they also have to be monitored in a way that they compliment the sound of the natural surrounding û chirping of the birds, sound of the river and breeze. Apart from that no music in the city will interact with the other. There are different zones and music played will be different in each without any kind of interference for the other zone music,ö he said.

Talking about the concerts, Disha Direct MD Santosh Naik added, ôWe are working towards creating our own music property under which we will have concerts. Artist from India and across the globe will be invited to perform in the City Of Music.ö

Musicians Ustaad Amjad Ali Khan, Sunidhi Chauhan and Shaan will be the face of this unique concept.

ôFor some people music is work, while some others work for passion. I believe itÆs passion for us. So, an atmosphere like æCity Of MusicÆ will just help us grow. It will be a good break from the usual industry process that we go through, an ideal place to relax and heel,ö averred Chauhan.

On the other hand, Shaan said, ôMusic here will be for the people to select so it will be more enjoyable unlike the current day music, most of which stresses us.ö

The project was launched on 12 August, 2015, however, no dates on construction or completion of construction has been revealed.