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News |  25 Apr 2019 16:11 |  By RnMTeam

Making track for 'Fuh Se Fantasy' was challenging: Rohan-Vinayak

MUMBAI: Music composer duo, Rohan-Vinayak,  has given music for Viacom’s Voot original series, Fuh Se Fantasy. They are known for their ad campaigns like KBC, Indian Idol, ultratech, Oreo, Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi and have composed music for more than 2000 jingles. 

 “One of the tracks from Fuh Se Fantasy happens to be very sensuous and you can groove on it at the same time. It was a challenge to make the song a fun, sexy and a groovy number. We are very proud of ourselves for doing something new and are happy with the results,” revealed Rohan-Vinayak, who have had never done such a challenging track before. 

Fuh Se Fantasy is all about an out of box reality and the delight in modern relationships and individuals who dare to explore their deepest, quirkiest and most exciting desires. 

They also commented on their association with Voot for this project, “We got connected through a friend from the ad industry. We were just called to do one track called Feet Up With the Stars, but immediately, we got an opportunity for Fuh Se Fantasy as well.”

 “It was also a little stressful as you have to go through layers to get approval from the production/programming team, CEO. They also have their own ideas, so we have to keep that in mind also,” the composers told about the process, post getting the project.

Music given for ads differs from the one given to movies. Rohan-Vinayak explain this best, “While doing music for ads, we have to always keep in mind that there is going to be a heavy voiceover and give music accordingly, but when we give music for web series it is completely like a song. But, there is not much change when it comes to production.”

 They further elaborated, “Ads do take time for approval. When it comes to a song, you have the freedom to add and subtract, while the directors and producers just hear the final version of the track. Track making is one thing but understanding the brief and what the show wants to emote is another thing.”

Well the duo has also worked on tracks for channels like Star/Sony/Zee channel for daily soaps.

Their past Bollywood projects include Badumbaaa from102 Not Out apart from  promotional tracks for other movies etc. Now they are working on two projects which are set to release in this year. Which also count their background score for movie Dokyala Shot and another movie is in process to be released this year. “We have some Bollywood projects and have background score lined up again for HotStar. We are working on a couple of other projects that are not out yet” added Fuh Se Fantasy music makers Rohan and Vinayak.

Before wrapping up we asked the duo about  that one message, they would give their fans, on which, they concluded, “Enjoy the music that you are doing and have a little bit of patience at the same time. It took us at least nine to ten months to get a break, hence, if you want to make music your life, then do stick to it.”