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Interviews |  23 Mar 2021 19:39 |  By Namrata Kale

Bhuvan Bam: I started out by singing at restaurants with the belief that music is something I would be pursuing in future

Consistent record-breaker Bhuvan Bam had topped iTunes charts with his latest single Heer Ranjha. The seventh single made it to #1 across charts on iTunes beating BTS and Maroon 5 in an hour of its release on the platform.

An artist par excellence, Bhuvan has been releasing original (self-written and composed) singles for a few years now. Heer Ranjha has been his most record-breaking single till now, as it was also trending nationwide at #2 on Twitter and #1 on YouTube (currently at #4). Bhuvan has always been a musician first and content creator second as his career as an artist started from singing at restaurants before the extraordinary success of his BB Ki Vines. The music production of the song has been done by Bhuvan’s close friend Omkar Tamhan. With more than 7.1 Million streams and 1.2M listeners Bhuvan is among the top 10 most streamed Indie artists in the country for his track which broke all previous records As per the statistics shared by Spotify, Bhuvan’s songs were streamed for 405.9 hours across 89 countries in 2020.

To get some more insights on the above we spoke to Bhuvan where he has expressed his thoughts. Check out the exclusive interview below.

When you were working on ‘Heer Ranjha’ did you have the slightest thought that this song is going to be so big? What were your expectations with regards to this song?

Whenever I’m working on a song I just make sure the music reflects my true emotions. While working on Heer Ranjha as well, we just went with the desire of telling a story in the most soulful way we can. The response from the listeners came as a pleasant surprise. We obviously put our hearts into making the song but to receive such validation is truly gratifying.

You are now one of the most-streamed Indian Artist on Spotify. How does this make you feel?

I started out by singing at restaurants with the belief that music is something I would be pursuing in the future. To have worked on all these tracks which have been receiving so much love from the listeners feels surreal. I’m grateful that people like and appreciate my music and I hope to have their continued support ahead in my career.

You have sung/featured in a couple of music videos, do you have a specific inclination towards music?

Yes definitely! Music has been a part of me and I’m really glad I’m able to pursue it as a career. For me, it is an important way of expressing one’s emotions. When I’m not working on my content, I’m either listening to or making melodies. I am an ardent admirer of songs that are soulful and have deep-meaningful lyrics that I can listen to for days on end. It is my source of energy, it helps me rejuvenate when I need a breather and keeps me going.

When/how did you plan on making music videos?

Well, it has always been something I wanted to do. All my songs are inspired by real-life experiences. I create music with sheer passion and my unwavering fondness for the art. It is extremely significant to me that my music connects with the audiences and does justice to me as an artist.

Who's your personal favorite singer/musician? Whom do you look upto?

I’ve always loved Kishore Kumar’s songs, they are pure gems. Another one of my favorites would be Kumar Sanu. His voice could turn any song into gold.

Any plan on coming up with more music videos? If yes what's your vision for it?

Yes, I’ve been working on some music lately. Hope to release it soon. As I said, my songs are a reflection of my emotions, which I try to render in its truest form with soulful music.

Please tell us something about your upcoming project?

Currently, I’m working on BB Ki Vines Productions’ upcoming show Dhindora. The show is curated with a lot of zeal and dedication and I hope my fans will love it as much as they love my sketches.