| 25 Sep 2023
21 Sep 2023

BIG FM marks its 15th year as the exclusive Radio Partner for Lalbaughcha Raja

MUMBAI : The auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi shines as the grandest celebration of the birth of Lord Ganesha, who is worshipped with great devotion as the symbol of strength, wisdom and goo

26 Oct 2015

Awards to be presented to media by Election...

NEW DELHI: National Media Awards are to be presented to media houses for conducting campaigns to educate and make voters aware of the 2014 Lok Sabh

24 Sep 2012

IRF - celebration of radio globally

Zurich....... the very name brings to mind beauty….beautiful place, beautiful people. And suddenly that word ‘Beauty’ becomes a cliché. Everything in Zurich is beautiful and this fact has been endorsed by all my co-participants at the International Radio Festival 2012 (IRF) that was held in the city between September 12 and 16 this year at the Schloss Sihlberg.

20 Sep 2012

IRF: Future of Swiss radio is DAB

ZURICH: The next generation radio in Europe will witness the switch from FM to Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) by treating content as king and creating the same radio experience over different emerging platforms due to advancements in digital technology.

18 Sep 2012

Sound of India rocks at IRF

ZURICH: Representing India on an international platform was Red FM's morning jock Malishka who rocked the International Radio Festival with her special show in 'Listen to how the world sounds'.

The jock was the winner of the 'Sound of India@IRF2012' competition organised by in association with the IRF. The competition had more than 100 entries from radio jocks and radio show producers from more than 70 private and public FM radio stations all over India.

18 Sep 2012

IRF: There will be music but no radio in the next 10 years

ZURICH: As new technologies are being discovered and industry leaders are seeing the digital way ahead, the radio business in most countries is set to witness a big question mark on the existence of the medium in the 21st century.

The session ‘Demand for Radio in the 21st century’ by The Orchard founder and VP international Scott Cohen was a eye-opener and contention point for many head honchos from the radio and music industries from across different continents.

17 Sep 2012

International Radio Festival 2012 announces winners

MUMBAI: Celebrating the sound and talent of radio stations from across the globe, the third edition of the International Radio Festival culminated with the IRF 'On-Air' awards.

Keeping in tune with the festival’s goal, the awards honoured radio makers who push the boundaries in music radio entertainment. All invited music radio guests participating in the IRF were nominated for one of three award categories.

17 Sep 2012

IRF: Communicating with audience is very important

ZURICH: Bringing together different minded radio and music leaders on one platform, International Radio Festival witnessed discussions on various aspects of radio.

The magnificent castle Schloss Sihlberg played host to an important session ‘Radio is Community’ by Media UK managing director James Cridland.

15 Sep 2012

Listen to how world sounds; Red FM RJ Malishka represents India

ZURICH: Trying to establish itself as the global annual event for people from the radio and music industry, the International Radio Festival is showcasing the best of radio stations from across the globe playing their sound in a unique concept titled ‘Listen to how the world sounds’.

The jocks from respective stations are broadcasting their shows live from the fest through web radio to listeners across the globe.

14 Sep 2012

IRF 2012: The future of broadcast radio is hybrid

ZURICH: Laying emphasis on the HD technology enabling switchover from FM stations to digital, the future of the medium is definitely positive with digital broadcast technologies opening up more creative outlets for radio programming.

Discussing the success of the technology and future of HD Radio was Ibiquity Digital senior vice-president Joe D'Angelo addressing the ‘Digital Broadcast technology’ session.

13 Sep 2012

IRF 2012: Radio re-discovered use of local music production

ZURICH: The European radio industry aims to maximize the use of digital technology by providing music with a large scale internet platform. With internet and social media acting as key factors in radio today, the Swiss radio industry too sees the opportunity as a move to expand the medium into newer avenues.

Shedding light on the use of internet in music and radio today, the International Radio Festival commenced its B2B forum on 12 September in Zurich, Switzerland.

11 Sep 2012

Stage is set for International Radio Festival 2012

ZURICH: International Radio Festival (IRF) is all geared up to commence its third edition tomorrow. The media industry fest will witness participants from radio stations and music business from across the globe. Welcoming over 25 leading radio stations, head-honchos, producers and radio jockeys,  IRF is scheduled to be held between 12-16 September in Zurich.