| 06 Jun 2023
02 Jun 2023

The Present and Future of Creativity in Advertising: in Conversation with Kevin Swanepoel and Prasoon Joshi

MUMBAI: As the sun went down on Day 2, a session on the present and future of creativity in advertising kickstarted the Abby One Show Awards 2023.

26 Oct 2015

Awards to be presented to media by Election...

NEW DELHI: National Media Awards are to be presented to media houses for conducting campaigns to educate and make voters aware of the 2014 Lok Sabh

09 Sep 2013

Candid Jeeturaaj

A euphoric Jeeturaaj shared with his experiences, his thoughts about being in Zurich as the best Indian RJ after what all present ca

07 Sep 2013

IRF 2013: Faceless Jeeturaaj zaps Zurich and the world

ZURICH: He’s probably the only Radio Jockey (RJ) in the world (make that the only person from the media and industry world) who doesn’t want his visage in the public domain, who doesn’t allow his p

06 Sep 2013

Day two of IRF third edition

ZURICH: Day two of the third edition of IRF 2013 witnessed B2B sessions that had a lot of learning for professionals from the global radio ecosystem.

05 Sep 2013

Edition three of IRF kicks off in Zurich

ZURICH: The third edition of the International Radio Festival 2013 kicked off today at Zurich and will run at the Schloss Shilberg for four days.

14 Mar 2013

Ficci Frames 2013: India is the finest Asian market in digital

MUMBAI: Twitter also made its presence felt in the 14 edition of Ficci Frames 2013, the annual conclave for the media and entertainment industry.  Twitter Inc head of global operations Shailesh Rao graced the panel ‘Engaging a billion consumers in the media and entertainment industry’- this year’s theme of Ficci Frames.

14 Mar 2013

Ficci Frames 2013: Innovate beyond ads for robust paid digital ecosystem

MUMBAI: As India has emerged as the third largest internet market with an expected growth of 150-600 million consumers in the next four years, the need to build a paid model differentiated from the current ad based ones is the focus of most aggregators.

At the Ficci Frames 2013, the session ‘Digital content consumption on the rise: developing a robust paid ecosystem’ highlighted the transition from free to paid models.

13 Mar 2013

Ficci Frames 2013: Best of radio is yet to come

MUMBAI: FM Phase III is set to be a game changer and the radio industry is highly awaiting the move. With FM Phase III having received a boost after the EGoM clearance, radio broadcasters are busy charting out their expansion plans to enhance reach and profitability. While the expansion policy will open up newer opportunities in local and regional markets, there are not much plans for metros said Prashant Panday at the Ficci Frames 2013 conference in Mumbai.

13 Mar 2013

Oscar winner Ioan Allen takes master class in Ficci Frames 2013

MUMBAI: A long journey of sound and picture came alive in the master class by Dolby Laboratories senior vice-president Ioan Allen on the second day of Ficci Frames 2013.

Allen went back in the history of Dolby with respect to the changing nature of the image— from traditional film to the digital revoultion.

12 Mar 2013

Ficci Frames 2013: Media industry lacks reliable data

MUMBAI: Ficci Media & Entertainment Committee chairman Uday Shankar highlighted the key challenges faced by the media and entertainment industry at the inaugural session of Ficci Frames 2013 in Mumbai.

Shankar mentioned that in the last ten years there was a manifold growth in channels, films, newspaper, radio stations and other forms of media. The large growing media and entertainment industry only lacks the skill of man power for the same.

29 Jan 2013

Vineet Singh Hukmani: "Radio One is a medium with a well defined message; the others are just reach vehicles"

While most other radio stations were planning strategies to innovate their content and stay ahead in the rat race, Radio One broke all barriers and changed its programming completely to international music content in Mumbai and Delhi. Initially, the move attained a lot of skepticism from industry insiders, but with the music consumption growing and the audiences looking for newer forms of music, the niche music segment emerged as a popular one in the radio space.