| 22 Sep 2021
RAM Wk 13 - Churn at the top in 3 metros: Radio City #1 in Mumbai, Mirchi tops Bangalore, AIR FM2 rules Delhi

*Fever gains ground in Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, but drops in Mumbai

* Mirchi is #1 in Kolkata

MUMBAI:  After long, Radio Mirchi has toppled BIG FM in Bangalore for the #1 position, but fell to #2 in Delhi where AIR FM-2 Gold climbed to the top spot, and to the #3 spot in Mumbai too, where Radio City has claimed the top spot followed by AIR FM2 Gold which is at the #2 spot for the second week running, per RAM data for Week 13 of 2011 (27-03-2011 to 02-04-2011).

Radio City was the biggest gainer in Mumbai (2.8%) and Bangalore (1.6%), ahead of Mumbai leader Radio Mirchi.

In Bangalore, it was a memorable week for Radio Mirchi, which, after a long time, claimed the #1 position ahead of traditional market leader BIG FM, albeit by a slim 0.2%. Big FM registered gains across the other three metros, but its small loss of 0.4% share was big enough for Radio Mirchi to claim the top spot there by 0.2%. Mirchi was also also #1 in Kolkata  where it gained 0.6% market share.

Fever FM, which gained a healthy 2.9% in Delhi, was #3 in the city, and also gained ground in Kolkata (0.5%) and Bangalore (0.3%) but lost 1.3% market share in  Mumbai.

Click here for the detailed RAM data for week 13 - '11