| 22 Sep 2023
RAM Wk 12: Radio Mirchi, Radio One gain most

* Fever plummets in Delhi, losing 5.4% share to be distant No. 3, but gains in Mumbai and Kolkata

* Radio One gains share in Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata

MUMBAI: Radio Mirchi and Radio One were the biggest gainers per Week 12 of 2011 (20-03-2011 to 26-03-2011).. Even as Radio Mirchi reestablished its strong grip on the top spot in Delhi with a big growth of 3.3% market share to close the week at 22.7%, Fever continued to plummet, losing a huge market share of 5.4%, to  close Week 12 at 13.8%, far behind the Delhi Number 2 Air FM 2 Gold at 20.9% 

Radio One gained the most in Bangalore (1.6%) and Delhi (1%), and gained marginally in Kolkata by 0.3%, but losing slightly (0.2%) in Mumbai. Mirchi too gained in three metros (Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore) and in spite of losing 1.6% in Kolkata, remained a strong Number One there with 20.2%, ahead of the Number Two, Big FM, at 16.2%.
Fever 104 FM actually received mixed tidings in Week 12, gaining in Mumbai (1.2%) and Kolkata (0.7%).

Another gainer in Mumbai was Red FM (+1.1%), while in Delhi it was AIR FM2-Gold (+1.5%).

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