| 18 May 2022
Radio City takes stand on Nirbhaya rape case

MUMBAI: The nation's favourite radio network, Radio City has made the voice of the nation heard when RJ Ginnie spoke to lawyer A.P Singh who is defending the rapists in the Nirbhaya rape case.

On 16 December 2012, the country stood together and showed the world that their conscience had been stirred with the rape of a 23 year old girl. The sheer brutality of the torture meted out to the girl sent chills down the spine of every Indian.

Unfortunately, a recent interview of one of the rapists brought to light his lack of remorse of his actions.

Radio City RJ, RJ Ginnie spoke to the lawyer who is defending the accused. She asked him as to why was he still defending such a human being. The lawyer went on air defending his support and blamed women on their character that causes rape. The lawyer’s perspective was that women who stay out till late working are actually cabaret dancers. He claimed that the capital city shares this sentiment with him.

He threw a challenge to Radio City and asked the network to collect text messages against his point of view and if Radio City manages to collect enough of them, he would quit the case!  No sooner did he say that, messages started pouring in and Delhi echoed the anger stirring within.

Angry listeners were appalled and spoke with tears of frustration. There were men who went on air to state how they were scared that with men like these their daughters would never be safe. Some women uttered words that they probably had never dared to voice before. A cab driver called us howling and asked us to repeat the call every hour. More than 50000 Delhiites buzzed the lines of Radio City 91.1 FM wanting the lawyer to leave the case.

The phone lines at Radio City are still buzzing and if you too feel the same type CITY space No and send it to 56060 in order to bring the chauvinist on his feet.