| 28 Feb 2024
Big FM topped Mumbai for week 10

MUMBAI: As per the RAM reports for week 10, Retro station Big FM Mumbai held the top spot with a market share of 18.8 per cent, which was 0.2 per cent higher than Radio City. The station registered TSL of 6.26 and TARP of 1.3 per cent, while, Radio City registered a TSL of 5.51 and TARP of 1.3 per cent.

Although Radio City has held the top position in Mumbai for a while, on an average, Big FM has been doing well in all key markets. Other stations that did well in Mumbai were Fever FM with a market share of 13.5 per cent and registered TSL of 6.16, Radio Mirchi with 13.2 per cent and Red FM with 11 per cent. In the city, Big FM shows like 'Suhana Safar' with Anu Kapoor, 'Breakfast Show' with RJ Siddharth and 'Afternoon Show' with RJ Rani did well. For Radio City shows like ‘Kal Bhi Aaj Bhi’ - RJ Gaurav and 'Kasa Kai Mumbai' with RJ Archana and RJ Salil were among the top five shows in the city. Other shows that did well were Fever FM's 'Pal Do Pal' with RJ Karan Singh, Radio Mirchi's 'Purani Jeans' with RJ Sayema and 'Hi Mumbai' with Jeeturaaj, and Red FM's 'Good Morning Mumbai' with RJ Malishka.

In the capital, Fever FM held the top spot with a market share of 18.5 per cent, and registered a TSL of 5.04 and TARP of 1.4 per cent. Radio Mirchi followed with a market share of 13 per cent, TSL of 3.33 and TARP of 1 per cent. Big FM held third spot with 11.9 per cent market share, TSL of 3.38 and TARP of 0.9. Next in line was Radio City and Red FM, both of which had double digit market shares. Fever FM shows like 'Evening Drive' with Nitin, 'Full on Punjabi' with RJ Avinash, 'Dilli ke Do Dabang' with Manu and Abhilash and 'Zara Si Life' with RJ Rhicha Vyas, were among the top five shows in Delhi. Radio Mirchi’s 'Purani Jeans' with RJ Sayema also did well in the capital.

Radio Mirchi ruled in Kolkata, and was followed by Big FM and Oye FM with market shares of 21.7, 15.9, 10.6 per cent, respectively. In Kolkata, two Radio Mirchi shows- 'Kaali Kotha' with RJ Jaganath and 'Breakfast Show' with RJ Mir, registered the highest TARP as compared to other shows aired on private stations in the city. Big FM's 'Breakfast Show' with RJ Khas Koushik and 'Raater Otithi' with RJ Neel were among the top ten shows that did well in Kolkata.

In Bengaluru, Radio City topped with a market share of 23.4 per cent, while Big FM held on to the second spot with a market share of 22 per cent. They were followed by Radio Mirchi and Fever FM with market shares of 17.7 and 11.4 per cent, respectively. In the city, Big FM's show 'Big Coffee' with RJ Shruti, followed by 'City Mathu' with RJ Rachna and Radio Mirchi's 'Hi Bengaluru' with RJ Smitha registered the highest TARP compared to other shows.