| 13 Aug 2022
Big FM sticks to lead in Bangalore

MUMBAI: The lead that Big FM snatched from the metro ruler Mirchi was kept up in week 31, with Big FM valiantly trying to catch up in Kolkata as well.

Radio Mirchi however kept up its seven week lead in metros except Bangalore. Interestingly, All India Radio's FM Gold station maintained itself in the third position in Delhi as well as Mumbai.

Bangalore: Big FM consolidated last week's position in the garden city by upping 0.1 percentage points, and ending with a market share of 19.3, way ahead of Mirchi which lost 0.6 percentage points and had a share of 16.4 per cent. Fever gained 0.8 percentage points and came a close third, with a 16 per cent market share. AIR FM Rainbow station gained 0.1 percentage points to end with a share of 11.5 per cent, ahead of Radio City, Radio One and SFM.

Delhi: Fever tried to claw back to the favoured lead position, gaining 1.8 points during the week, and managed a share of 20.5 per cent, but still had to contend with second position, with Mirchi too gaining 0.6 points and ending with a share of 23.8 per cent. AIR's Gold station lost 3.7 points, but was still third with a share of 14.1 per cent. Radio City, Red FM and Radio One followed.

In Kolkata, Big FM continued to give stiff competition to Mirchi, gaining 0.2 points and garnering a share of 16.5 per cent. Mirchi however stuck to the lead position with a share of 19 per cent, despite having lost 0.2 points. Friends FM came a distant third with a share of 13.4, despite having gained 0.1 percentage points. Aamar, Red and Meow followed.

Mumbai: The gap between Mirchi and Red FM widened during the week, with Mirchi ending with a share of 18.2 per cent, while Red had to be content with a share of 13.9 per cent. AIR's FM Gold was a close third despite losing 0.9 points, ending with a share of 12.9 per cent. Big FM followed closely behind, with a share of 12.8 per cent, having gained 0.6 points in the week. It shared the fourth position with Fever, which climbed 1.2 percentage points during the week. Radio City, Radio One and AIR's Rainbow station followed.