| 19 Apr 2024
Radio City beats back upstart Radio Nasha, Fever stays at top in Delhi

MUMBAI: In a replay of last week's numbers, Delhi was again dominated by Fever FM with shares of 17.7 per cent and TSL of 5.21 (last week share - 17.9 per cent and TSL 5.19)

The fight however is in the third and fourth positions. While HT Media's Radio Nasha was in the third position last week, with enhanced shares of 10.4 per cent and TSL of 4.01, the station dropped its share to 9.9 per cent with TSL of 3.55, and got back to its fourth position. Radio City wrestled back its third position , beating Radio Nasha, which continues to snap at its heels, with a share of 10 per cent and a TSL of 3.11.

Red FM got 9.8 per cent of share with a TSL of 3.1, and positioned itself at fifth in the capital. Big FM managed to hold the sixth position with a share of 8.8 per cent and a TSL of 3.1, whereas Hit 95 FM, Oye! FM and Radio One finished the week 35 at the seventh, eighth and ninth position in that order.

Week 35 in Mumbai was a staid affair with no change in the rankings. Usual frontrunner Big FM dropped its share marginally from 15 per cent to 14.7 and a TSL of 5.01, yet finished the week at the top.

Radio City got a share of 14.3 per cent, same as last week with a TSL of 4.31, and stayed put at the second spot, and Radio Mirchi got a share of 13.8 per cent and TSL of 4.22, to sit pretty at third place. Fever FM, Red FM and Radio Nasha got the fourth, fifth and sixth place with shares of 13.6, 12, 7.3 per cent and TSL of 6.16, 4.04, and 4.53 in that order.

Oye! FM and Redtro came in last in the country's financial capital with shares of 3.1 and 2.1 along with TSL of 2.28 and 3.23 respectively.

Radio Mirchi Kolkata remained the only leader with a substantial margin over its rivals. Mirchi got 21 per cent share with TSL of 4.26. Big FM was a distant second with a share of 16.3 per cent and TSL of 5, whereas Fever FM Kolkata had to be happy with the third position with a share of 15.4 per cent and TSL of 5.24. Oye! FM increased its share from 9.9 to 10.7 per cent and TSL of 3.43 and positioned itself at the fourth spot.

Red FM finished the week at fourth and Aamar FM at fifth position with shares of 9 and 8.8 per cent and TSL of 2.56 and 3.34

Friends FM was snug at the bottom with share of 4.2 per cent and TSL of 2.49.

In Bengaluru, Radio City decreased its share from 24.2 to 23.2 per cent with TSL of 9.47 but remained at the peak. Big FM remained at second position with increased shares of 20.7 from 20.5 per cent with the TSL of 7.46. Radio Mirchi, Fever FM, and Red FM got the third, fourth and fifth positions with shares of 17.5, 14.8, and 4.04.

Radio Indigo and Radio Mirchi 95 finished the week 35 at the bottom of the chart with shares of 1.6 and 0.6 per cent.