| 03 Mar 2024
BARC Ratings (Week 45): 9X Jalwa climbs up the chart

MUMBAI: BARC Ratings for Week 45 witnessed just one change in the positioning of Hindi music channels. This change has pushed Sony MIX to fifth spot with 42902 (000Sums). Meanwhile, 9X Jalwa which ranked fifth in Week 44 has now claimed forth position with 56238 (000Sums).

Other channels on the BARC Ratings chart have managed to retain their positions from Week 44. Mastiii remains in top position with 137777 (000Sums). B4U Music and 9XM have kept their second and third spots with 124393 (000Sums) and 92132 (000Sums), respectively, while, Bindass Play, Zee ETC Bollywood and Music Express remain in sixth, seventh and eighth place with 37854 (000Sums), 3337 (000Sums) and 4758 (000Sums), respectively.

Have a look at the list below (Numbers in bracket are for Week 44):

Mastiii 137,777 (118074)

B4U Music 124,393 (80223)

9XM 92,132 (73265)

9X Jalwa 56,238 (39397)

Sony MIX 42,902 (42461)

Bindass Play 37,854 (32602)

Zee ETC Bollywood 33,374 (26229)

Music Xpress 4,758 (4859)