| 06 Jun 2023
FM Phase III: Winning price for 20th day is just over Rs 1130 crore

NEW DELHI: Bidding on the twentieth day in the e-auction for the first batch of FM Phase III cities with the cumulative provisional winning price remained very slow, showing a miniscule rise to touch Rs 1130.51 crore at the end of the 80thround.

The number of provisional winning channels and cities remained the same as yesterday: 94 channels in 56 cities, with the total bids surpassing the cumulative reserve price by Rs 671.65 crore or 146.3 per cent against the aggregate reserve price of about Rs 459 crore.

The cumulative provisional winning price has thus risen over the total reserve price of the first batch of 135 FM channels in 69 existing cities - Rs 550.18 crore – by Rs 580.33 crore or 105.5 per cent.

The Auction Activity Requirement rose to 100 per cent after the 59th round on 14 August, after being 90 per cent after the 37th round on 7 August.

Bids continued to elude thirteen cities for the 19th day today which no takers for channels in Asansol, Gulbarga, Mangalore, Mysore, Puducherry, Rajahmundry, Siliguri, Tiruchy, Tirunveli, Tirupati, Tuticorin, Vijaywada and Warangal.

The Percentage Price Increment applicable for the Next Clock Round rose to five each in Allahabad, Guwahati, Shillong and Varanasi but was just one in Varanasi. There was no change in the other cities.

The provisional winning price in the top three cities reflected no change: Delhi – Rs 1,69,16,89,481 (for just one channel); Mumbai – Rs 1,22,81,31,349 (for two channels); and Bengaluru - Rs 1,09,25,45,545.

Kolhapur appears to be the next to enter the Rs 10-crore club with Rs 9,44,24,489 though cities like Kanpur, Rajkot, Amritsar and Aurangabad do not seem to be far behind.

Chennai - Rs 53,38,83,479; Ahmedabad at Rs 42,68,76,267, Pune at Rs 42,03,50,268; Jaipur – Rs 28,34,98,387; Chandigarh at Rs 19,04,72,374; Hyderabad at Rs 18,00,00,000, Patna – Rs 17,89,83,876, Cochin - Rs 15,04,83,548, Nashik - Rs 14,66,24,270; and Lucknow - Rs 14,00,55,000 remained static.

The following Table summarises twenty days of bidding:

The next round will now commence on 24 August.


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