| 15 Jul 2024
Red FM Launches 'Hissa Partition Ka' In Association With Museum Of Partition

MUMBAI: 93.5 Red FM, India’s leading private radio and entertainment network collaborated with the Museum of Partition for their campaign ‘Hissa Partition Ka.’ The initiative was aimed at preserving the stories of Partition 1947 through objects that refugees carried with them across the border.

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The Museum of Partition in Delhi preserves stories of those who migrated during the time of Partition, in 1947. The collaboration with the Museum of Partition added significant value to the campaign. Red FM aired nine compelling stories narrated by the families who were deeply affected by the partition on Morning No.1 with RJ Raunac. The narrator of the stories shared artifacts, including a piggy bank, compass, jewelry box, bowl, photographs, silver coins, and fabric photos that were donated to the Museum of Partition.

As part of the collaboration, the videos of stories shared by Red FM will be displayed on a dedicated screen at the Museum of Partition. This initiative will further enrich the museum's exhibits and contribute to its mission of preserving the memories and artifacts from the time of partition.

Speaking on the announcement, Nisha Narayanan, Director & COO, RED FM & Magic FM, said, “As a conscious medium, Red FM has embarked on yet another journey to tell stories of the violent legacy of Indian partition. Our collaboration with the Museum of Partition is yet another testament to radios' indispensable reach. While each individual’s story had their personal struggle during the tumultuous time of Partition, they all remain unanimous by the unfolding of the horrific incidents in 1947. We hope this campaign is able to evoke empathy in the youth about this momentous chapter in our history.”

We invite everyone, especially the youth, to join us in this meaningful campaign. Let us come together to honor the sacrifices of our ancestors, learn from their experiences, and pave the way for a more tolerant and empathetic society.

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