| 26 Jul 2021
104.8 Ishq: Aparshakti Khurana credits these ladies for success of 'Kudiye Ni'

MUMBAI: 104.8 Ishq, India’s first romantic radio station, has come up with yet another engrossing episode of Ishq Jam with RJ Sarthak, and this time around it is Aparshakti Khurana and Neeti Mohan in the studio, who recently launched his debut song, Kudiye Ni with T-Series.

Aparshakti Khurana, along with Neeti Mohan, in a candid interaction with RJ Sarthak shared how delightful it was to witness the way people are connecting to the song written by Apar, which could only be produced as a single after four years of being written.

Apar shared how his family and four women stood behind him like a pillar of strength for his first smash hit, Kudiye Ni. Talking about his belief in lady luck, he mentioned and appreciated the women who made this video come into existence – his co-singer Neeti Mohan, his wife Akriti who is the art director for the video, his co-star Sargun Mehta and his bhabhi Tahira Kashyap, who directed the music video.

Expressing his gratitude for Tahira Kashyap, Aparshakti said, “Her real-life vibe, that’s full of positivity and happiness, was flowing on the sets. And I was really very stressed, because, I mean, Dangal was Aamir Sir’s film. Same goes with Stree, it was primarily Shraddha-Raj’s film. And my last film Luka Chuppi was a Kartik-Kriti’s film. This was the first time that I can call something of my own. This was my first baby. And I was really stressed, like how things are going to pan out. How will the video come out, what will happen, what will not happen? How will people receive it?”

He adds on, “I was extremely stressed, but thankfully bhabhi was there to keep things going in a chirpy, nice and happy way. The strong positive person that she is, she believed in each and every one of her team members.”

Aparshakti also shared how he made Neeti Mohan listen to his composition while they were on a Gedi in Mumbai. He added, “As you know I am a Chandigarh-Delhi guy and I love Gediyan (roaming around). So I called Neeti one night around 11-12 and said ‘Neeti Gedi pe chalte hai’ and she said chalo! As we went for Gedi, I told Neeti after gathering some courage that I have composed something and I want you to listen. So Neeti heard the song and she gave me the confidence like she said, ‘Apar, I think we can enter the studio and do a better job with this.’”

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