| 20 Apr 2024
RED FM and The Voice of Fashion announce Shop Talk

MUMBAI: 93.5 RED FM, India’s leading and most awarded private radio network has collaborated with The Voice of Fashion, an online fashion and design magazine to announce a fashion podcast, Shop Talk. Hosted by The Voice of Fashion’s Editor, Shefalee Vasudev, the podcast will have exciting conversations around meaning, memory and material of fashion. The podcast is available on the RED FM India app.

The podcast will have some engaging conversations with India’s leading designers, crafts practitioners, retailers, creative heads and stylists to uncover fashion’s pulsating significance in social and personal lives; how it influences the zeitgeist and narrates an era and its people. Including but beyond trends and clothes, Shop Talk is an intersectional space, it is about glamour and style, about people and innovation, sustainability initiatives, India’s artisanal legacies. A contemporary, candid, curious set of conversations, it drapes the idea of India with fashion as prism.

Speaking on the announcement, Nisha Narayanan, Director & COO, RED FM and Magic FM, said, “There’s so much to fashion than just clothes and accessory. It is a journey. It is a constant discovery. Fashion is important in society because it has the potential to bring different people together to celebrate their individuality. Fashion; is about who you are and wearing what defines you best. It is also so dynamic and our new offering explains just that. I am happy to announce RED FM’s new podcast series, Shop Talk with the Editor of The Voice of Fashion, Shefalee Vasudev. The podcast will have experts telling us the art of creating compelling fashion that opens up a whole world of creativity."

Talking about the podcast, Shefalee Vasudev, Editor, The Voice of Fashion, said, “Fashion is a mirror. It reflects, distorts and flatters. It is flexible. When we ‘talk’ fashion instead of just writing about it or wearing it, we resonate its flexibility. ‘Shop Talk’, India’s first such podcast series extends fashion’s dimensions. This collaboration between RED FM and The Voice of Fashion also fulfils the need of the moment as it helps discover innovative ways of framing fashion, through conversations with those who wear it or wire it. As a cultural commentator, it excites me to undress fashion and that too only on audio.”