| 20 Apr 2024
Technology can excite the brain, but to me, radio will always make the heart beat warmer: RJ Sarthak on World Radio Day

MUMBAI: Ishq FMs RJ Sarthak whose attained immense popularity for  ‘first of kind’ show segments  like ‘Battle of the sexes,  Full Throttle’ to name a few that he conducts on the show. The radio veteran has spend almost 21 years in the industry and has seen a complete evolution of the medium.

On World Radio Day 2020 we spoke to RJ Sarthak about the amidst technology that has evolved and where does he think the future of radio would lie upon.

He said, “Well, technology can excite the brain, but to me, radio will always make the heart beat warmer. Of course, technology is marching on, and the fear of analog media falling by the wayside is quite real (Norway has turned completely to digital radio, for example) but the spirit of radio is indomitable, it cannot go away or be wished away. Podcasts follow the classic radio format, and we all know how popular they are. Some of the biggest names in music have their own shows on satellite radio as well. It is the most intimate of media, and as long as we need a co-passenger in our journey of life, radio will keep being that interesting companion, sharing a few laughs, and some warm moments because it is a warm medium, and cold reality cannot endanger it.”

On asking Sarthak his take on what we can do to keep the medium intact, he added, “We are talking to one person. That is basically, knowing that no matter how many people are listening, we are actually talking to an individual. Emotion, and the unabashed embracing of it, will probably be the best way to keep the spirit alive."