| 22 May 2024
BIG FM associates with helpage India and Central bank of India for #IGifteyesight on the occasion of Diwali
Big FM
Big FM

MUMBAI: The radio station along with reputed NGO has set a target to help 1001 people, across the country who do not have adequate funds to get their eyesight corrected

National, 24 October 2019, BIG FM, one of the largest radio networks in the country that is truly living up to the spirit of its recent brand positioning #DhunBadalKeTohDekho, has introduced a noble cause #IGiftEyeSight that will light up many lives this Diwali. The radio station has associated with reputed NGO, HelpAge India and is putting its best foot forward towards eradicating darkness from the lives of underprivileged individuals. Presented by Central Bank of India, the initiative intends to gift corrective surgeries to the needy post which they will be able to see clearly.

The radio station, along with HelpAge India, has set a target to help 1001 people across the country who need eyesight correction. In a bid to amplify the reach of the initiative, BIG FM will appeal to its listeners to raise a sum of Rs. 25,02,500, which will further help the radio station towards achieving its set target. Divided into two phases, the RJs from across the country will be speaking about the issue, sharing facts related to eyesight correction and most importantly, the need for the treatment and much more. In addition to that, they will be seeking insights from experts of HelpAge India and doctors who would be helping them to understand the problems related to vision in a better manner. The RJs will also be connecting with the patients, their family and friends to know the ordeals they have been through and the change that has come in their lives via this initiative.

Commenting on this great initiative, BIG FM spokesperson said, “We have always been at the forefront when it comes to bringing out thought-provoking initiatives that don’t just help in effectively addressing the concerns at hand but contribute towards the overall growth and development of the society. #IGiftEyeSight is one of our best endeavors that aims to add value in the lives of so many people who haven’t been able to cherish this festival and other joys, unfortunately.”

Appreciating the initiative taken by BIG FM, RJ Vrajesh Hirjee said, “While we talk about the darkness residing in different ways in our lives, we hardly give a thought about the ones who face it on a day-to-day basis. #IGiftEyeSight is an initiative that is not only helping to remove the darkness from a person’s world in the most literal manner, but rather giving them hope to lead their lives with more confidence. I am truly honored to be a part of this initiative which is bringing about a change into so many lives and empowering these people.”

Talking about the being the catalyst on-ground of this initiative, HelpAge CEO, Mathew Cherian said, “4.8 million people in India are blind. 66.2% is due to cataract. 90% of those suffering from cataract are elderly. We at HelpAge under our Restoration of Vision program aim to restore not just sight to these disadvantaged persons but also enable them to go back to work and live a life of dignity. For many just seeing the smile on the faces of their grandchild or loved one brings immense joy and fulfilment to them besides making them independent. We select credible and competent eye hospitals and organisations for carrying out these surgeries. All surgeries under the program are performed only in base hospitals and not in make-shift camps. Since 1980, this program has benefitted more than 9 lakh elders, not just restoring their sight but enabling them to live a life of dignity. We are extremely happy that BIG FM has taken up this cause and is helping light up the lives of those people who can barely see, this Diwali.”

A spokesperson from Central Bank of India commented, “We are pleased to know that BIG FM is embarking upon a humanitarian programme ‘Eye Sight on the Occasion of Diwali’ where a number of activities are planned to be undertaken. We at Central Bank of India, are carrying on activities to remove financial darkness of under priviliged and unbanked masses through various programmes.  We also have programmes aimed at poverty alleviation. We are therefore much enthusiastic about being a part of the programme of BIG FM and wish you all success.”

The radio station will have on-ground screening camp visits by RJs as well where they will be supporting the patients who have taken the first step and come for a check-up. 

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