| 20 Apr 2024
Exclusive: Radio Industry in India is under-utilised, says Nisha Narayanan on National Radio Day

MUMBAI: RED FM and Magic FM COO and director Nisha Narayanan, who has always been vocal about the current scenario of radio industry in India, brings to light some key pointers on the occasion of National Radio Day. 

Speaking exclusively to Radioandmusic, Narayanan says, “My only submission on National Radio Day is that radio industry in India is under-utilised and we are way too regulated. Also, FM radio in India is still governed by the Indian Telegraph Act of 1885, Marconi was just 11 at that time (laughs).”

“I don’t think, we fully utilise the potential of radio as we speak. The potential is much much more especially when we are talking about FM technology, of being hyper-local in nature, we reach to different parts of the country and are far more interactive and free. We are easy to carry as radio stations etc.,” she further adds. 

The boss lady had some suggestions to share for the radio industry. She says, “We just need to move out of the archivial, old laws that govern radio. I just hope that in the next coming years, we ease regulation and make it much better because the biggest fear is technology and digital invasion, which is happening around us and traditional mediums like radio should be given an opportunity to compete with the eco-system.”

Lastly, thanking listeners, she concludes, “Keep listening and tuning in as there is a lot of effort made by teams to entertain, innovate and inform and we just hope that it’s always appreciated.The listeners have always supported us and I hope that continues not just for RED FM but for the entire radio industry.”

We totally agree with Nisha Narayanan’s thoughts and hope radio gets its much deserved attention.

Meanwhile, we at RnM wish everyone a very happy National Radio Day. 

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