| 30 Mar 2023
104.8 Ishq celebrates two terrific decades of iconic Bengali band 'Bhoomi'
MUMBAI: Authentic music and the widely popular Bengali urban folk music group, Bhoomi, go hand-in-hand. The legendary band has been providing tranquilizing and soothing music to its fans for a span of two decades now.
Bhoomi will be celebrating 20 years of togetherness with a mega concert on 27 July at GD Birla Sabhaghar. To commemorate this unique milestone, 104.8 Ishq Kolkata has joined in the celebration as the official radio partner. The members of the band were also seen in a fun tête-à-tête with Ishq’s very own whimsical jock RJ Ishani reminiscing their journey across 20 years.
The morning show with Ishani on 104.8 Ishq works as a wake-up coffee for listeners around Kolkata. With the oomph factor to the daily love horoscopes, one cannot help but look forward to hearing Ishani’s daily gossip. This time too, the interaction with Ishani and Bhoomi panned out in the same way.
Firing all kinds of intriguing questions about their 20 years of togetherness, RJ Ishani brought out the musical group’s quirky side with some hilarious and embarrassing stories coming straight from the source. Divulging into their popular song, Padmapukur Blues and the beautiful Moner Aar Nai re, the band left the Ishq studio regaling and mesmerized with the amusing music.
On having welcomed the renowned group in her studio, RJ Ishani shared, “It has been quite the privilege to have hosted this acclaimed and glorious band in our Ishq studio. Each member of the band had unique and interesting tales to share that make us want to know more about all the memories that they have collected over the years. Their stories are nothing but inspiring and I can assure that the listeners will have a great time hearing them.”
The interview saw the group bring out their quirky side and showcase the friendly equation that they share. Spilling the details on certain distinctive experiences, Soumitra, the lead singer of Bhoomi told 104.8 Ishq about the time when the band started playing two different songs during a live telecast for a TV show that left everyone confused. While Abhijit, the bassist, shared his story of him losing his guitar and how the entire band went on a searching spree the right before their performance in the Bay Area, San Francisco. Among other such funny incidents mentioned by them, this just gave 104.8 Ishq an insight on how this legendary band comprises of not only great musicians but also simple friends who have marked upon plenty of memories together.
India’s first romantic radio station, that also brought iconic shows like Calling Karan and What Women Want with Kareena Kapoor Khan’, the network has once again proved to deliver prominent and outstanding content to its fans. Bringing the true spirit of Bengali folk and giving an insight into the band’s inception, listeners of 104.8 Ishq Kolkata will be in for a treat into the lives of the musicians. Ahead of their concert, the charming artists of Bhoomi will get onto their most candid avatar and sweep the audience off their feet with their beguiling music. To know more on what went down in this exciting interview with Ishani and Bhoomi, tune into 104.8 Ishq on 26 July in her morning show at 9 AM.