| 09 Jun 2023
IRF 2015 conference held at infamously famous Kaufleuten in Zurich
International Radio Festival 2015

ZURICH: As mentioned earlier, after a hiatus of one year, the conference has returned to the sixth edition of the International Radio Festival (IRF) 2015. The one day event was held at the Kaufleuten, which is a meeting place and event venue in the city centre, with conference room, club room, festival room, restaurant and bar.

The conference room with a seating capacity of 500 was chockablock full when arrived to attend interesting sessions, including some in German. The good thing was that we were handed headphones that allowed us to listen to the live English translation of what the German speakers said.

The first keynote address- Mark Ramsey’s talk successful audio strategies for the future enlightened one and all about the dos and don'ts to be successful, be it a radio station or an advertisement or a webpage. After a few interesting panel discussions at the Kaufleuten lounge, the conference culminated with the second keynote by BBC 6’s Samantha Roy on The Story of the BBC Radio 6 Music Festival 2015 in the conference room.

In between session breaks, drinks, titbits and excellent food were made available for the attendees at the party hall. The schedule of the conference allowed guests from over 18 countries to intermingle, exchange notes and learn more about what could improve radio from all aspects. Despite a full day of listening to people talk, the place to be in Zurich is definitely the Kaufleuten.

We were informed that the club has a reputation far beyond Switzerland’s borders. Parties are held in the stylish hall and international stars come and go and is infamously famous for its superb parties. Also, this definitely a place in Switzerland where conferences, business or otherwise could be held.

(This is part of IRF 2015 update.)

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