| 19 Apr 2024
Radio people struck by #SareeTwitter fever!

MUMBAI: Social media, today, has become a playground for challenges and trends. After the latest #BottleCapChallenge and face app challenge, the latest trend making people go crazy is the #SareeTwitter trend. While Bollywood divas are on the forefront, including actors like Ayushmann Khurrana, our radio people are no way behind!

While we had earlier shared about the women of Radio Active 90.4MHz donning the sexy Indian attire, what left us spellbound was boss lady, RED FM COO Nisha Narayanan striking a pose in saree.

Narayanan was replying to RJ Raunac’s post, who praised her as he called her ‘the queen of sarees’.

Well, Nisha Narayanan’s charisma as RED FM COO is known to all and now the boss lady has given us some fashion goals!

RJ Swati also went to join the #SareeTwitter trend as she posed with Narayanan.

Radio City's RJ Archana Pania also shared her favourite saree picture as she joined the conversation.

Another radio jock to participate in the latest trend, celebrating India’s globally celebrated attire is RJ Riya, who feels confident in saree.

Meanwhile, #SareeTwitter trend has also struck international audiences on Twitter.

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