| 19 Jul 2024
'Content' is the clear proposition for RED FM: Nisha Narayanan

MUMBAI: RED FM app has been dishing out a variety of content, which is devoid of music, but still has managed to grab a huge audience attention and major downloads. RED FM COO Nisha Narayanan is confident about the quality of content, the radio station is creating.

She exclaims, “‘Content’ is the clear proposition for RED FM and its engagement and interactivity has attracted the audience. Our app provides snackable content, humour and a lot of hub brands in the form of Malishka, RJ Raunac, RJ Ashish, RJ Kisna and RJ Rocky. Also, I don’t think music is the only driving force because if your content is good then it really doesn’t matter whether you have it or not.”

 “At RED FM, as a radio station, I don’t want to focus only on audio. I think, going forward, it is a video cum audio preposition and we serve everything. As long as we are content creators, we shouldn't restrict ourselves only to music or audio programming. We take up what is relevant and interesting,” Narayanan further adds.

Nisha Narayanan further comments on the importance of having organic content, “The content at RED FM is completely organic and I believe that it should be free flowing and not forced. Engaging content will grow organically and will reach out to a larger audience.”

Well, Narayanan is indeed right as ‘content is the king’ in today’s time.

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