| 20 Apr 2024
Kolkata: Superhits 93.5 RED FM launches 'Nalbandi' in association with M.P. Birla Cement for water conservation

MUMBAI: Superhits 93.5 RED FM and M.P. Birla Cement have joined hands to address Kolkata’s water crisis issue by spreading awareness about water conservation through their Nalbandi initiative. The inauguration event was attended by Shri Debashish Kumar - MMIC (KMC), Cactus vocalist and renowned anchor Sidhu, Mr. Rajesh Tiwari - Marketing Manager MP Birla Cement, Mr. Deep Kabiraj - General Manager Marketing MP Birla Cement and RJ Praveen.

Spearheaded by RJ Praveen, an extensive on-air voting was conducted where the listeners across Kolkata have majorly agreed that water is the most wasted resource in the city. In many parts of Kolkata, free flowing water from KMC pipes, which don’t have taps attached to it, gets wasted often. To fix this issue, RED FM is placing taps on such water source, nal that will bear the testimony of its brand milestone, which promotes the brand motto, Jal Hai Toh Kal Hai. RED FM will run a campaign where Kolkatans will be sensitized about this issue and they can participate in an active discussion, where ways and means to curb wastage of water will be debated. The listeners are encouraged to inform RED FM about any such free flowing nal in their area which need to be regulated.

Commenting on the initiative, RED FM COO Nisha Narayanan says, “As we all know the entire world population is surviving on just 1% of water, which is the only readily accessible source.  And yet, we don’t care enough about this vital resource without which life is unimaginable. Through our Nalbandi initiative, we want to drive the point home that saving water is the only means of sustaining life. Increasingly, water crisis is an overarching problem not only in India but also globally. In Kolkata, we see a noticeable disparity when it comes to conserving water. Everyday a humongous amount of water gets wasted from the free-flowing public nals present across the city. While saving this copious amount will create a huge difference in people’s lives, who will not have to wait for hours to get some water. We want to ensure that through our initiative water conservation becomes a daily routine in everyday life.”

The World Economic Forum rated water crises as the most critical problem, which is looming in the horizon to become a massive crisis within next few years. It also stated that by 2025, approximately 50 percent of the world will face a gigantic water-stressed condition.

This winter 93.5 RED FM in association with M.P. Birla Cement promises to reinforce the idea of water conservation so that every Kolkatan gets access to this basic amenity regularly. From advising on how to avoid unnecessary water usage to importance of self-regulated consumption, RJ Praveen will guide listeners in every way possible. Based on listeners suggestions RED FM has chosen Ward number 64 and 65 to begin the initiative. Nalbandhi will encourage citizens to respect each other’s needs and be more accountable towards their civic duties. 93.5 RED FM urges everyone to take part in this initiative by tuning into Morning No.1 with RJ Praveen, every Monday to Saturday, from 7am onwards.