| 17 Apr 2024
RED FM draws eyeballs with its mission #HillJaoge at Mount Ghazipur

MUMBAI: In an endeavour to drive awareness and initiate action by authorities, for Delhi’s biggest trash yard- Ghazipur; one of the largest and most awarded radio station network in India, 93.5 RED FM undertook the issue in an unconventional truly Bajaate Raho manner.

 The garbage area in Ghazipur, East Delhi is a hill that no Delhi’ite is proud of. It was supposed to be any normal dump yard but because of the irregularities and shifting blame game amongst the authorities, the trash yard has now grown taller and is almost at par with the height of Qutub Minar. According to the government the garbage pile has become a hill that has now reached up to 65 meters, which was initially prescribed to the limit of 20 meters. This hill has become extremely hazardous for people, who live near the area as it emits harmful methane gas which causes serious irritation in eyes and breathing problems which ultimately damages the lungs. The situation gets even worse during the rainy season, when the stench grows stronger and leachate from the trash site enters adjacent canals.

To draw eyeballs, drive awareness, provide respite to the growing nuisance of this neighbourhood and ensure the right authorities are reached, Delhi's most recognized mountaineer face Akash Jindal along with RED FM’s RJ Raunac aka Baua climbed the hill to conquer and capture the essence of #HillJaoge. #HillJaoge is a pun in many forms- one this hill will make you move with all the menace it comes with, two this hill should go and give the area a much needed cleaner hygienic environment. RED FM, known for its innovative initiatives, trekked up this garbage hill under RED FM’s Mission Mount Ghazipur campaign. The approach was that of climbing a genuine mountain, with gears and a base camp set up. A flag too was raised once the summit was conquered with ‘Who is responsible?’ written over it to really question and provoke the citizens as well as the authorities.

Commenting on the initiative, RED FM COO Nisha Narayanan said, “At RED FM, we constantly look at ways to raise a voice and drive awareness for issues and challenges faced by our listeners in the cities. #HillJaoge is yet another disruptive initiative that will encourage the citizens to keep the city clean and hopefully not only get rid of the stench, but also get rid of this garbage hill at Ghazipur and all the hazards that comes with it. This initiative is a larger appeal to Delhiites. If at a grassroot level, we begin to segregate dry and wet waste at home itself that is half the problem solved.”

Watch the video here:

Red FM

What happened when RJ Raunac - Red FM decided to scale Delhi's highest Peak- Mount Ghazipur, The Garbage Mountain. #MissionMountGhazipur