| 25 Feb 2024
I am best when I am on-air: RJ Akriti

MUMBAI: What you seek is seeking you, this fits in right with the story of how RJ Akriti landed in RED FM. RED FM Mumbai recently got a new RJ on board for its afternoon show Channel No 935. The one of a kind show, the team has got a perfect RJ, who will not be wrong to be called a television and digital worm.

RJ Akriti began her radio journey in 2007 with Radio Mirchi, where she spent four years. She moved to Oye 104.8 Delhi a venture of TV Today and then Mumbai. At Oye FM Mumbai she became the national RJ as her show was aired in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and more cities.

“After doing radio for 8 to 9 years I took a break and moved to television, MTV which was my last venture. There I was a music programmer. Radio was always in my plan. I was almost into college when I was picked up by Radio Mirchi. When I quit radio two years ago, I realized that is my calling. I am best when I am on-air,” says the super enthusiastic RJ.

Further, she explains what she went through her time she was not on the radio. “I remember when I was off the radio, I used to tune in and get emotional and telling myself why am I not on-air. I want to go back to radio and that is my connection. For me, radio is my love, my everything.”

Here Akriti explains the turning point of her life. “This realisation happened at MTV itself. Mujhe apne desh main wapas jana hain I cannot sit and make excel sheets. I was horrible at it. I used to get screwed by my seniors. I wasn’t meant to be at MTV doing excel sheets. Then I felt like going back to radio and RED FM was looking for a jock. Earlier the fraternity also kept talking that I should try RED FM at least once.”

“I got in touch with the National Programming Head Ranjit Pathak and he is an ex MTV employee. So he knew me well and we spoke about me getting into RED FM. RED FM was my dream destination totally,” she continues.

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Having a show that talks about television, digital world and OTT platforms is something rare to hear. Akriti explains it well how the show will change the mindsets of people who think consuming television is a cliché.

“As per my radio experience, the shows are based on the content which is city-centric, romance or Bollywood. These days there is a new trend of getting into the music zone. But television, digital world or web series is something where it’s mentioned once or twice. There is no realisation of how large the digital and television world is in India. There is a myth that arre aap tv dekhte ho. They don’t understand that the consumption is happening not on the idiot box but on mobile.”

Talking about the objective of the show she says, “The objective is to give our TV stars the due respect and on-air space they deserve. There are so many things to know about web-series and television. Stars from the digital world to television, all will be welcomed on my show and I feel it’s high time we do this.”

Last but not the least she shares about her homework before going on-air. “When it comes to homework, I have all my connections on. So I am in touch with the stars and ask them about spoilers and stuff, I do recaps of episodes. I consume Netflix, Amazon Prime and more and talk about it,” she ends.